Correctional Facilities Paper Example

Jail is basically a place where an offender who committed a crime whether it is petty theft or murder goes to keep away from society, and hopefully change their ways and reform them for the better. The jails now days are not exact put out as what they are stereotyped out to be, it’s about resocializing the prisoners, and showing them the errors in their ways. Shaving their heads, or giving them striped clothing, or strip searches in front of other prisoners aren’t exactly what jail is cracked up to be.

There are generally three types of offenders that are prosecuted which are, long term inmates, or convicts which have dealt with hardship, and are used to single sex life and often prefer it, thieves who are in jail for stealing, but as soon as they get out they will go for something even bigger, and then there are the square johns how are everyday man who isn’t exactly used to the norms of jail, but rather civilian life. Throughout history prisoners have their own subculture, their own code, their own choice of slang, and even alliances within each group of people.

Gangs are quite common in jail, and quite a few of the gangs are created to fight against another gang or to even be an ally to another gang. To control these gangs, six general techniques are used, transferring to maximum security prisons, limiting their access to money, placing the members with more violent tendencies in special places, developing intelligence, getting informants, and the most common is just by simple observations of patterns, gestures, etc. Jail can be quite violent as well especially with the general three types of violent offenders.

There are the antisocial offenders often using violence to get whatever they want, and in most cases is how they gained power to get what they wanted outside of jail. There are the special needs offenders who are just mentally, or physically handicapped offenders who don’t know how to handle their emotions and often resort to violence. And finally there are the psychopathic offenders who spread violence just for the sake of their own self, personal enjoyment. Throughout history the homosexual relationships in male jails have increased, but there are several laws preventing them from having relations.

Rape can be used as a number of things; it can be used to instill fear, dominance, dominance, and power among other prisoners, as well as to gratify sexual tension. Though a small percentage is rape, and most of it is through coercion, or through intimidation, and some of it is consensual as well all of it is not legal because most of the time it can be considered rape, because the victim could be too afraid to speak of for fear of what will happen if they do. Drugs can still get to the offenders as easily as if they were out of jail but to limit this random drug testing can be put in check to elicit the drugs that go in of the jails.

Humor is often used to tell stories of how an offender got into prison, or tell stories about their personal lives, or tell a bit about them without giving up their dominant traits, as strong prisoners. Prison life for female prisoners is similar to that of males except the ideals of family and structure are the foundation in the subculture of the female offenders. Way back when, when the Quakers came a woman named Elizabeth Fry made it so that, female correctional facilities had female guards. The difference between jails, state prison, federal prison, is who handles the cases, and the punishments vary.

Federal prison is for those who have committed crime in multiple states, and are usually handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Marshals Service. For example a person committed a murder in a bunch of different states it is no longer in the state’s jurisdiction, and is now in the federal jurisdiction because of the location of where the murders took place, so the police detectives will no longer be handling the cases, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation will, and because of that the punishment will vary from that which it was committed in one state.

Federal correctional facilities oversee low risk offenders, and often deal with getting the offender back on his or her feet with half way houses, or house monitors. State crimes are crimes that have been committed in one state, there for the trial will be preceded in a state court instead of a federal one. For example if a person killed multiple people in one state, but moved around different cities the case would still be under the state’s jurisdiction and will be investigated by police officers, and detectives.

State prisons are for more serious crimes, with longer sentencing. There are separate institutions for both men and women as well. There are many factors why there is an increase of people going into jail, federal prison, and state prison. Drugs is a major one, lots of people do drugs to try them, and in that lot there are a few that become addicted and will do anything to fill their addiction such as stealing things that aren’t there’s. There’s also the matter of possession of drugs, which is putting even more people in jail.

The decrease in moral values as well, knowing what is right and what is wrong are two completely different things and people are having a hard time differentiating between the two because greed, and power comes into question. In the younger population is the influence that of violent or suggestive themes in television, video games, books, and other sources of media are also being brought to light. Poverty, mental illness, and being homeless and uneducated can result in being incarcerated; the one that costs millions of taxpayers’ dollars is the three strikes law which sends even more people to jail, federal prison, and state prison.