Controversial prosecution

Death Penalty is the most controversial prosecution given usually to those criminal who had committed murder. Even from the primitive years and pre-Columbian years specifically in the countries of Babylon, Rome, Egypt and Greece, criminals sentenced to death has been accounted. Different tools and ways were said to be used in implementing this sentence such as, garrote, hanging, electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection and shooting.

Before a kind of prosecution like this is just given to those criminals who have done murder and those people who disobeyed the law of the state. Nowadays, the latter has been verdict only to murderers. In USA it is known that 40% of the deaths condemned are blacks and 80% are white. This kind of prosecution has been depriving those people from life even if they are known to be criminals. All people have a natural right to live and so no one even the state must take life even for the benefit of the whole society.

Some says that it should be done so that the people who are opted to do crimes must think twice before doing it so. And since this kind of penalty is given to murderers only then it could just simply let the criminals think and choose what kind of crime they should do. Another thing is that not all condemned people are the real criminals sometimes insufficient evidence and proofs and slow movements of gathering those puts one innocent person to death.

It is not only the condemned who are affected but of course their families; they suffer in anguish and resentment. Some of them become the enemy of the state like what happened to the Philippines, and become rebels. What the state could do is to rehabilitate and re-educate the criminal morally, so that he may have another chance to change the path of his life and in the future may help other people or even the society. Work Citations: http://library. thinkquest. org/23685/data/iusa. html