Consumer products

The article is about a mother’s dilemma on how consumer products using fantasy characters have a great influenced on the mindset of young girls today. The main cause of the problem is the highly commercially sales of the make believe fantasy characters. It affected how adults treat the children and how these children look at themselves. The princess thing and liking a color such as pink are just things that will passed away as these girls grow up. What’s wrong with pink and other colors. It’s a choice one has to make. It is a fact that there are only two genders, a boy and a girl.

What’s wrong if a girl would make believe that they are a princess. What a parent should do is to guide these little girls of the real world as they get older. When we get older it’s nice to look back good memories such as pretending to be a princess. I also agree with Peggy that girls should look forward more than being a princess. It is a parent responsibility to emphasize to their girls the real world. They can aspire to higher level depending on their capabilities. These fantasy characters can also be a great learning tool for young girls. They also learned from it but since as young as they are it needs an adult supervision.

On the side of the manufacturers, they should guide consumers and think of what is best for their clients. Anyway it is from the clients pockets that they earned and got a lot of money so consumers deserves the best for them after all manufacturers are also parents. I disagree to let the princess fad be stopped. Have we heard of a research proving that girls become bad or out of this world because of fantasy characters? What makes a person has something to do with many factors: family background such as upbringings, educational backgrounds, environmental backgrounds, spiritual backgrounds and many more that affects a persons well being.

Every girls is a princess in her own family, so what’s wrong if they pretend to be a princess. There are many princesses in the story that are heroic in nature so I think playing fantasy characters are great. The article is mainly about the gap between the privileged and unprivileged students in the field of learning. What government can do is to control the increasing unbalanced education between the poor and the rich among black and white children of the United States of America.

Moreover, researchers from various fields in education were also finding ways and means on how to support what President Bush dream of “No Child Left Behind”. Surveys if values something to do with this tremendous gap in education proves to be right because values is not taught but caught. So if in the family education is not that important, so is the mindset of school children in that certain family. However, if a certain family values so much education, then school children would do so. The kind of class in the society does also vary the unbalanced educational gap.

Those belongs to the upper class can of course support to the fullest what their school children needs in school. They can send them to the best school in town, they can buy all the books needed and the children need not worry on anything because all their needs are being catered of by their parents. However those who belongs to the middle especially to the lower class has to settle what ever their parents can only afford. But this doesn’t mean that they can no longer achieve what they want. That is where values inculcated by the parents at home will come in.

The same is true with those in the upper class. It doesn’t mean that they have everything then it is a guarantee of success, values being imparted by their parents would still be the main factor of their success. Children whose parents are professionals are not an assurance that they will also be like them although IQs matters but emotional quotients will play a vital role in an individual because after all success is after a matter of hanging while others have given up”. What we need is to support President Bush’s dream of “No Child Left Behind” for a better America.