Construction Management Task Sample

1. Explain the dealing with owners’ supplies. 2. Write short notes in the following. a. b. c. d. Guarantee Tests Demobilization Environmental case Testing commissioning and Trial Run.

3. Describe the purchase procedure in a construction organization . 4. Explain ABC analysis for a construction organization 5. What is Risk Identification Analysis and Classification? List out the Risk avoidance and Reduction measures. 6. Illustrate the financial model for a construction organization operations.

7. What is a Contract?8 Describe the business opportunity in construction industry? a) Construction Company failure. b) Need to Build Competence. c) How does it help owners?


Explain the all constitute of tender documents? a) Instruction to Tenderer. b) Form of Tender. c) Drawing and Specifications. d) Schedule of items and bills of quantities. e) Owner’s General and Special Conditions of Contact. f) Specimen of Earnest Money Guarantee.


What Should is the Terms of Payment for Erection? Payment under a Turnkey Contract?


What is Cash Flow Statement?


What Are the Different Types of Contracts?


Explain the flowing in Brief?

a) Piece Rate Work (PRW). b) Item Rates Contract. c) Lump sum Contract. d) Cost plus Contract. e) Turnkey Contract. f) Network Analysis or Flow Chart (CPM/CPA/PERT). g) Quality Assurance and wastage Control. h) Completion of Erection or Installation and Preliminary Acceptance.


Explain the Manpower Requirement procedure. With the help of the following points? a) Recruitment. b) Policy. c) Interview and Selection.


Explain the checklist for a contractor?


Prepare A bar chart and manpower recourses Aggregation chart with trade skills analysis? Or Prepare A staff loading and aggregation chart for erection of a super thermal power station.


Prepare an organization chart for an erection job site?


Explain in brief the special attributes of a construction Manager with the help of the following points? a) As a leader. b) As a planner. c) As a decision maker. d) As a disciplinarian. e) His past Experience. f) His style of management and leadership. g) His authority.


Write a short note on the following? Any 10 a) Dealing with owner supplies. b) Measurement, billing and collection. c) Cost Control. d) Malpractices.

e) Guarantee tests. f) Commissioning manual. g) Final acceptance. h) Maintenance. i) Operation and maintenance manual and as-built drawings. j) Envoi mental care. k) Check list for compliance and follow-up.


Prepare the following reports? a) Report by supervisor on employee’s misconduct. b) Charge sheet. c) Notice of domestic Enquire. d) Appointment of enquires officer. e) Intimation of punishment.


Differentiae the following? a) Advantages and disadvantages of buying. b) Advantages and disadvantages of leasing. c) Advantages and disadvantages of Hiring.


Describe the world banks checklist for pre-qualification Submission. With the help of following points? a) What are the requirements for applicants to submit in respect of their organization and legal basis? b) Which financial information should be required of applicants? c) What basis the technical qualifications should be evaluated?