Construction Management Sontract Sample

Whereas the owner has published a Request for proposals seeking the submission of competitive proposals to act as a construction manager at risk to furnish professional construction management services during the design and construction of project identified and described in that request for proposals; and Whereas, the undersigned Construction Manager submitted a competitive proposal that was evaluated by the owner, and,

Whereas, the Owner, through its awarding authority, has made an award of the work to the undersigned Construction Manager, and pursuant to the terms of the Request for Proposals this form is to be executed to form and memorialize the contractual relationship between the parties; Now, therefore, the Construction Manager and the Owner agree as follows: 1. This firm of contract hereby shall be incorporated and accompanied by: Owner’s recommendation for award letter ( Aug.

1, 2008), Owner’s request for proposal ( Aug. 3, 2008 ), Contractor’s (CM @ Risk) response to proposal (date), contractor’s HUB plan approved by the owner ( Aug. 12,2008). Designer’s drawing and specification lists(Aug. 12,2008 ). Contractor’s payment and performance bond (Aug. 20, 2008 ), Power of Attorney, insurance Certificate ( Aug. 12, 2008 ), Statement of GMP including schedule of values for cost of the work and federal conditions ( Aug.

12,2008 ), and incorporate herein by reference the contract for pre-construction services dated Aug. 12, 2008. 2. for the sums set forth in the Construction Manger’s fee proposal (or any subsequently amended fee agreement), the Construction manager undertakes to act as the Owner’s fiduciary (GS143-128. 1) and to furnish professional construction management services during the design and construction of the Project. 3.

the providing of Construction Managers services shall be in compliance with he requirements of the RFP (including all its appendices and attachments) and the Construction Manager’s proposal (hereinafter, together: the Contract Documents). To the extent that any term, requirement, or specification in the Construction manager’s proposal shall be in conflict with the RFP, the terms, requirements, and specifications of the RFP shall control and the conflicting contents of the Construction Manager’s proposal shall be deemed surplussage except where provided otherwise.

4. that the Construction Manager shall commence provision of construction phase services under this agreement on he date to be specified in a written order of the Owner and shall fully complete all services hereunder and accomplish the final completion of the project within 300 consecutive calendar days from the date of Notice to Proceed.

The Construction Manager shall furnish to the Owner various schedules as provided in he Contract Documents setting forth planned progress of the project broken down by the various divisions or part of the work and by calendar days. If the Construction Manager fails to begin the work under the contract within the time specified, or the progress of the work is not maintained on schedule, or the work is not completed within the time above specified, or shall allow the work, or if the Construction Manager shall become insolvent or be

declared bankrupt or commit any act of bankruptcy or insolvency, or allow any final judgment to stand against him unsatisfied for a period of forty-eight (48) hours, or shall make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or for any other cause whatsoever shall not carry on the work in an acceptable manner, the Owner may give notice in writing, sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the Construction Manager and his surety of such delay, neglect or default, specifying the same, and if the Construction Manager within a period of fifteen (15) days after such notice shall not proceed in accordance therewith, then the Owner shall, declare this contract in default, and thereupon, the surety shall promptly take over the work and complete the performance this contract in the manner and within the time frame specified.

In the event the surety shall fail to take over the work to be done under this contract within fifteen (15) days after being so notified and notify the Owner in writing, sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, that he is taking the same over and starting that he will deligently pursue and complete the same, the Owner shall have full power and authority, without violating the contract, to take the prosecution of the work out of the hands of said Construction Manaer, to appropriate or use any of all contract materials and equipment on the grounds as may be suitable and acceptable and may enter into an agreement, eother by public letting and negotiation, for the completion of said contract according to the terms and provisions thereof or use duch other methods as in his opinion shall be required for the completion of said contract according to the terms and provision thereof or use such other methods as in his opinion shall be required for the completion of said cojtract in an acceptable manner.

All cost and charges incurred by the Owner, together with the cost of completing the work under contract, shall be deducted from any monies due or which may become due said Construction Manager and surety. In case the expense so incurred by the Owner shall be less than the sum which would have been payable under the contract, if it had been completed by said Construction Manager, then the said Construction Manager and surety shall be entitled to receive the difference, but in case such expense shall exceed the sum which would have been payable under the contract, then the Construction Manager and surety shall be liable and shall pay to the owner the amount of said excess. 5.

it is further mutually agreed between the parties hereto that if any time after the execution of this agreement and surety bonds hereto attached for its faithful performance, the Second Party shall deem the surety or sureties upon such bonds to be performance of the work, the First Party shall, at its expense, within five (5) days after the receipt of notice from the Second Party so to do, furnish an additional bond or bonds in such form and amount, and with such surety or sureties as shall be satisfactory to be Second Party. In such event no further payment to be First Part shall be deemed to be due under this agreement until such new or additional security for the faithful performance of the work shall be furnished in manner and form satisfactory to the second party.