Conservative environment

The concept of majority rule with respect to minority rights is highly significant within the American government. Within American, a broad scope of racial groupings describes the population. The white have been known to take advantage over the other races giving out racial discrimination. However, these two concepts are consequently applied to yield a conservative environment that provides equality.

For example, through minority rights the affected African Americans, Latin Americans and other small racial groups have been able to enjoy constitutional privileges of equality within the legal and state framework. They are applied differently to ensure the state harmony. At one level, it is an important tool with which adequacy of checks and balances are provided which ensures that no one group or arm of the government shall control over all branches of the government.

This ensures that the state power is shared among the various racial groups and thus no state command by one group. This has been through the incorporation of representatives from small racial groups in political leadership and consequently in the national decision-making. Also, it is an important tool in providing equality in the legal process that all persons shall be accorded equal legal rights in proceedings of the court. This provides legal equality and representation of all groups within the broad legal framework.

Additionally, the distribution of state resources should be equitable and never compromising impartiality in terms of majority or minority group. All persons irrespective of their racial background have the right of enjoying property ownership anywhere despite any majority or minority group dictation. Reference Majority Rules and Minority Rights. Retrieved on 17th May 2008 from http://www. associatedcontent. com/article/690883/majority_rules_and_minority_rights_. html