Conflict theory Review Example

Conflict theory, as proposed by Karl Marx, expresses it as an art of social science and it balances the existing inequalities of any social or political issues. This theory is proposed to bring social changes and make a united political and social society. Conflict theory also supports the people to develop a single class society without any bias or disproportion due to economical or racial background.

Certain countries, based on their perspective treat prostitution as a crime and practising the same is strictly restricteds. However, when we apply the norms of conflict theory in place, decriminalising sex through prostitution seem to be one of method to bring equality in the nation. Conflict theory also focuses on bringing economical independence to women, by legalising the process of prostitution. Not just economical independence, but it also fulfils the desires of women who cannot dream of getting married in life.

Causes for this could vary from poor racial background or due to any sort of physically inability. Moreover, this theory also discusses that marriage has also now become a business and does not create a big difference by making prostitution, legal. When it comes to marriage girls pay the money, as well debts their entire life. Hence, legalising prostitution will give the authoritative power to women, who otherwise are treated very absurdly. Debates also focus that prostitution is yet another business, and as all others, even they motivate to make money. Whatever the cause be, legalising prostitution could bring in impartial social and political being.