Conflict modes: conflict style diagnosis

Scenario 1

1. In the context of scenario 1, the conflict style exhibited by Janelle is Avoidance. Jose exhibits a combination of Competition and Accommodation Conflict. George shows Compromise in his approach with moderate concern of result as well as people.. Not enough information is given about Felicia to reach on any conclusion.

2. Avoidance conflict in Janelle is compromising team from meeting its goals as she is a key resource person. Competition and Accommodation conflict in Jose is creating tension and frustration levels in team. Compromise conflict in George is not really helping team to resolve the issue. There is no information on Felicia.

3. Janelle must meet the team meeting schedule or inform in advance of her delay so that meeting can be arranged accordingly. For Jose the alternative is to come out open with Janelle on the issue rather than hold grievance against her and discuss it in her back. It would help in eliminating any ill will among team members. George can further improve his approach by taking the issue in the team meeting itself and seek the cooperation of every member in resolving the matter of Janelle’s delays. Thus he would further help in meeting team goals.

Scenario 2

1. Annika shows Avoidance conflict. Roxanne is diagnosed with Competition conflict. Carlos shows both Competition and Compromise conflict. Carol shows Accommodation conflict. Justin exhibits Collaboration.

2. Avoidance conflict in Annika is throwing team out of gear and making the purpose of meeting useless. It is also dividing team in factions. Roxanne, through her Competition conflict and by directly charging Annika has forced the situation into a deadlock. Carlos, by supporting Roxanne, does nothing to resolve the issue and instead allows it to deteriorate. Carol endorses Annika in all of her actions and she is responsible indirectly in creating factions within team and stalling the group working. Justin tries to bring peace among the member and tries to introduce harmony in the group to achieve the results.

3. Annika should speak of her complains in the meeting itself so that there are no outside rumors. She must also stop side agreements and be direct and honest with all team members. This would help the team to stay focused and coordinated. Roxanne should approach Annika directly and settle the issue rather than to succumb to office rumors. It would help the group to develop understanding.

Carlos should intervene to handle the matter peacefully and bringing every person’s grievance on surface. Carol must realize that her commitment is to the team rather than to Annika and work accordingly and thus she can help to make team a cohesive unit. Justin should further attempt in making team members understand each other and stay focused on team goals.

Scenario 3

1. Eric displays Compromise Conflict. Jessica shows Competition Conflict. Chris is diagnosed with Accommodation conflict. Tina shows Collaboration. There is no information on Keith

2. Eric’s Compromise conflict lands the training group in an unexpected predicament as although he commissions the trainers and organizes for training session he is hesitant on meeting a question. He is keen to obtain results but his lackluster performance as a manager, letting other control the situation that he ought to, kills the spirit of training session. Jessica’s open inquiry on the utility of training session throws the entire session off the purpose. Tina, left alone to handle all the mess, tries her best to put the session back to normalcy by taking quick initiatives. Chris supports her in the endeavor to restore training session and achieve its objectives.

3. Eric should be more assertive and clear about his role as a manager. He must ensure his presence at the start of the training session and explain the purpose of the training as well as handle any query during the session. Jessica should restrain her opinion to take up her problem in a personal conversation with manager or the training team.  The members of training team should explicitly ask Manager to define their role beforehand so that there is no conflict of responsibility. Both Chris and Keith should take more proactive role in the training team taking cue from their fellow Tina. It would help the team to achieve the purpose of session effectively.

Scenario 4

1. The conflict style exhibited by Sara is Avoidance. Jonathan displays Compromise conflict. Rachel also shows Compromise conflict.

2. Sara’s conflict is disrupting the entire purpose of meeting and upsetting the other team members. Jonathan’s Compromise conflict alienates Sara from the group conversation. Rachel also toes Jonathan’s line that separates Sara from group without resolving her conflict.

3.  The alternative for Sara is to start respecting team members. If she feels disagreement she should state her opinion in a proper and even way to her colleagues. It would help in making team cohesive and focused to the objective. The alternative for Jonathan and Rachel is to take a further step and include Sara back in the team even though she has become uncommunicative after Jonathan’s rejoinder. This would help in a joint cooperation and advancing harmony in the team.