Conflict and resolution

The Microsoft organization believes that “all kinds of people have all kinds of potential” (Mircrosoft, 2007). This infers that they do not discriminate other people based on what they have and do not have. This diversity and openness to other potentials, paved their way to success not just in the economic aspect but also in the societal aspect. Here are the examples of the diversity programs that they have: education programs, recruitment for disabled people, outreach programs, and women empowerment (Mircrosoft, 2007).

In educational programs, the Microsoft Company (2007) provides the tools and resources of the employees necessary for their professional growth. The program aims to evaluate the understanding and valuing difference so that the employees can compete competitively in the market of constant change.

Basically, the program aims to orient the employees on what to do and act on certain situations. In recruitment of disabled people, the Microsoft Company hires people who are disabled and is willing to use tool and gadgets specially designed for their function not just for technological innovation but also for the empowerment of disabled people. With this, the employment trend for disabled people would possibly increase and it would provide the confidence disabled people needs. In Microsoft’s Outreach Programs (2007), they have offered $540,000 scholarship grant for the academic year 2002-2003, for students who are currently taking up computer science and other related fields for the purpose of expanding the students and potential and also narrowing the job market for qualified applicants.

Lastly, the Microsoft Company (2007) is concerned with woman empowerment. They have provided work and other beneficial program for women and also created opportunities for them in leadership and career-development. The Microsoft Company tolerates interracial groups and organization and with this people are more intact with their peer groups.  Cultural differences were eradicated since people are grouped accordingly. With the stratification the Microsoft did, it made the other organization interdependent to one another and made the other organizations to interact with each other. The results were positive and the mutual interdependence of each employee to another helped breach the gap between them.

Basically, the human resources group of Microsoft is responsible for recognizing and maintaining people with gifted talent. The maintenance of quality employees is their key to their continuous success. The great compensation that they offer acts as an incentive for the employee. With this, the performance evaluation process became favorable only for the high ranking jobs (Nachtigal, 2006). It was said that more employees were complaining about the compensation that they get because it was lower than usual but the high rank employees are given more. Microsoft wanted exceptional employees not realizing that the workforce on the lower ranks would be severely affected. Since there are different compensations for the quality of work that each employee has they are not allowed to speak of these compensations so that it would be controversial to all.

The unbalanced compensation is the problem here. There is a higher compensation for workers whom have done a marvelous job. It is logical though but discriminatory to other employees since they have done the same job but the amount of compensation that they get is unequal. If there are any recommendations to be made, one of them can be the equal and balanced treatment to other lower rank workers. Since they do the manual labor, the compensation that they should receive is commensurate to what they have done and also exemplary work should be rewarded like those of the high rank employees.

The job of programmers and software designing are difficult because it comes from sheer talent hence low rank workers create the material product of what they conceptualize. Equality among workers should be evident. And also another recommendation would be, do not limit the workers to be only the best workers, let them be the best people. It has become obvious that the high compensation is also for economic purposes.

There is already diversity among the Microsoft Company (2007). Hence, what they need to do is eliminate the inequalities that they have inside their organization. Issue involving salaries is a minor problem for a top-ranking company. To create a more liking working condition would be a good start in improving effectiveness and also the right compensation. Conflict would really erupt if the salary on an employee is tampered. The employee must feel secure not exploited from his or her job. Microsoft must realize that their efforts for making the society much better will go to waste if they do not take good care of their employees.

The point is that they should only opt to always select the best, try to mold other employees. Though, it is risky for the company, it would give other lee way for other workers to show their potential not just for being motivated but showing how they really feel among their jobs. Also the line of communication should be best accessible anytime so that complains and insights of the employee could be resolved and attended to immediately.

What the Microsoft Company needs right now is a better human resource strategy to employer the workers already in the system. What I personally observed in the data was they only focused on the incoming employees and making sure that they are good in quality and in performance hence they do not mention about the working conditions and the atmosphere an employee might be exposed to.

The high compensation and number of benefits are really blinding. With that being said, the Microsoft Company can be criticized in many ways. They have successfully found the problems of our discriminated society hence they do not see flaws of their own organization. A big leap to remedy this conflict is to recognize them as a part of larger society and not restrict themselves only within their system because the due to their sheer greatness their flaws are being overshadowed.


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