Conflict analysis

IntroductionThere can be no place or person without a conflict.   do arise and it is very important to handle conflict with utmost care, attention and analysis which otherwise would lead to further cropping up of conflicts. Conflict analysis has two effects, either positive or negative, functional or dysfunctional. The side effects of conflicts are also differ from each conflict and the parties involved in it.  To explain this in detail,  conflict issues personally  experienced are being presented.

In the early days of marital life, cooking was not a hobby nor was a responsibility whereas a famous quote of marital life states “a man’s heart is through his stomach” which means, when good food is served to head of the family, it depicts that a lot of affection and respect is being given to the head of the family. Being a moderate cook, several times received critical remarks and conflicts arose time after time, which paved the way to analyse and find a solution to the conflict  in the matter of preparation of home meals.

Slowly things turned to a functional mode of conflict with the practice of cooking, meals began to produce rich and aromatic flavors according to the liking of head of the family and home atmosphere turned more and more comfortable with the positive remarks “good, meal is very tasty”.

Personal view is that,   it is very important to consider the need and essentiality of the other party in conflict, and how the party interests and benefits matter most.  To epitomize, conflict in meal preparation had lead to a functional mode in life, which gave efficiency,   comfort, peace, happiness and health to family.  Personal opinion is, home atmosphere matters most for those who return home after a heavy working day and there’s no place like home.

Secondly, to discuss about dysfunctional mode in conflict, anger in a person causes much damage and at times, breaks relationships. Anger either has to be controlled, handled or ignored. In fact anger lays the ground for arguments, arguments lead to either distance/gap in communication with the fact that, the other party do not wish to argue and face the consequences of anger and therefore, would avoid, build a gap in communication or maintain a distance.

It is a great fact that anger  destroys a person’s happiness, peace and even hinders to the success of a person. It took almost a decade to motivate and bring head of the family to the normal status of conversation. As a matter of fact, the anger has built a huge gap of communication, through which outsiders began to take advantage which has further deteriorated relation to cause further disturbances in the family.

Anger caused financial problem, built gap in communication and deprived of all the happiness that exist between couple. After much pursuasion and by doing things in the right manner almost at the beginning stage of getting older, there is a pull down of anger at present, which even now, reaches its peak causing mental turmoil whereas it has to be dealt with and there is no other possibility of evading anger other than handling the same.

ConclusionIt is important to understand the other party completely before attempting to analyse a conflict. Hard nuts, strong heads and stubborn people are always around, who believe in self-made facts and disprove the others whereas it is good to be flexible or stay quiet and calm in life wherever possible, giving an opportunity to others to speak.

A clear distinction of functional mode which states that conflicts result in returning or restoring the normal status whereas dysfunctional mode brings damage, emotional turmoil and even results in ill health leaving a person much behind. Therefore, accepting conflicts that find a way to a functional mode is advisable at all times.