Confidentiality and Informed Consent

Confidentiality can refer to the limiting of access to information to those authorized to view it. For example, teachers may have access to a student’s educational history and a variety of other personal details, but these details are made available to the instructor for the sole purpose of assisting in that individual’s education. The information that the teacher has access to should not be used or viewed for other reasons, nor should it be disclosed to unauthorized persons. Confidentiality can also refer to the ethical considerations in a variety of professions.

For example, doctor/patient confidentiality dictates that the details in a patient’s medical records are deemed confidential, and they are legally protected from disclosure unless the patient specifically authorizes their release. BIG MUSCLES GYMNASIUM: INFORMED CONSENT FORM I have been informed and agree that participating in a regular fitness program can improve my health and physical fitness. I am aware that there is a risk of injury from sprains/strains to heart attack and possible death as a result of exercise.

Knowing these risks, I am choosing to participate. I understand that I AM RESPONSIBLE for monitoring my exercise intensity and for notifying a Big Muscles’ employee immediately if I experience any problems. I have honestly and accurately completed the health questionnaire, and I have listed those conditions which may be aggravated by exercise; I have consulted with my healthcare provider about these conditions and the possible effects an exercise program may have on them.

The information I have provided to Big Muscles Gymnasium will be treated as privileged and confidential. It will not be released without my written consent. My signature below indicates that I have read and understand the above, and that all of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.