Conditions in the Diyarbakir Prison

Being jailed in prison takes away the privacy you once had and the dignity you once held. It takes away the time you had planned with your family as you become lonely and isolated from other individuals. Prison is a place to control and discipline individuals indicted for violations, particularly lawful offenses. The prison system may be similar all throughout the world, but the experience may be different. Serving time in the United States/Europe is completely opposite than serving time in Mexico/Brazil.

Prisoners are treated with respect in Europe, but prisons in Mexico treat prisoners as animals. Prisons in the United States are controlled by the guards and law enforcement, whereas the prisons in Brazil are taken over by the prisoners. Guards take command from prisoners in countries like Mexico/Brazil because the government itself is highly corrupted. Prisoners will receive a good amount of freedom in particular countries, however will receive minimal to none in different countries. The experience may be quite intriguing in different countries, but serving time in prison doesn’t interest many individuals.

Millions of individuals are placed in prison and detainment centers all throughout the world. In a couple of decades, the prison population will grow and the system will worsen. The United States ADX government supermax prison situated in Florence, Colorado holds a couple of the most dangerous people in the United States. The supermax prison holds prisoners such as Richard Reid, a British terrorist who had attempted to bomb an airplane from Paris to Miami in 2001 (CNN). Richard Reid is currently serving a life sentence. In Turkey, the Diyarbakir Prison holds about 1,100 prisoners, however it’s overcrowded the majority of the time.

Conditions in the Diyarbakir Prison are incredibly hazardous, prisoners experience sexual abuse and mental/physical abuse. Prisoners have taken their life by hanging or setting themselves on fire. Camp 22 located in North Korea holds over 50,000 prisoners and operates as human experience and torture (CNN). It’s been said that Camp 22 is the most dangerous prison located within the country. The prison system is entirely different all throughout the world. Prisoners are able to serve their time in peace in certain countries, but others are tortured elsewhere and that’s the brutal truth of the prison system. With the information being known, I trust that the United States has the best prison system in the world.

The United States jail more individuals than any other country in the world. Countries such as Norway are much more transparent. Norway and Sweden hope to improve the state of mind of those individuals who are placed in prison and hope to help them grow as a person (Thompson). Although prisons in the United States are much different, psychologists are present to give help to those in need in some states though the privilege of speaking with a professional isn’t given in every prison. In Scandinavia, prisoners are assigned a special officer who checks on the prisoner daily.

The special officers also help the prisoners acknowledge their worth and motivate them to become a better person. Prisons in Norway focus on rehabilitating prisoners with the help of offering services such as education, job training, and therapy (Thompson). In the United States, men and women in prison have been abused and it’s been allowed because the media has no access within the prison itself. Prisons in America are highly overcrowded compared to other prisons in different countries. Not only do prisoners end up dead because of dangerous workplaces inside the prison, correction officers also end up injured or dead (Thompson).

The United States offers jobs to inmates that are willing to better their job skills and re-enter society, but most jobs in prison aren’t helping inmates better their job skills (Schwartzapeal). Majority of the jobs in prison include the maintenance of the prison itself. Gangs such as the Crips, Bloods, and MS13 are involved all throughout the prisons in the United States, most prisoners separate themselves with individuals who are the same race. Protection is needed due to the fact that most inmates involve themselves with a gang once they go to prison. The United States has a large amount of prison gangs in the world, but countries as Sweden and Brazil are much different.

Prisons in Brazil are controlled by the gangs inside the prison, guards and law enforcement have little to no control. Drug smuggling operations are done inside the prisons and carry onto the neighboring countries (CJDH). With so much activity being held inside the prison, riots, escapes and murder occur throughout the prison and nothing is done. Brazil is known to have one of the worst prison systems in the world. Brazil’s prison population is near 700,000 inmates, one of the highest incarceration rates in the world (CJDH). Cells are overcrowded to the point to where inmates are unable to lie down. No personal space is given to the prisoners and because of this, diseases easily spread. Most prisoners in Brazil lack the most basic education and become addicted to drugs.

Due to the addiction and lack of education, prisoners struggle to look for a job (Gray). Conditions in Brazil are brutal compared to the United States and Europe. Inmates wear their own clothes and prepare their own food in prison. Gang rivalries cause riots and leave multiple inmates dead including guards as well. In Brazil, the gangs in the prison give protection to each inmate that involves themselves with the gang, authorities have no sense of control. Prisoners are released a hardened and more criminal than before and become shunned by society (Gray).

Prisons in Mexico are full of riots, murders and escapes. Gangs have full control of the cell blocks that are inside the prison and fights occur everyday due to territory. In the Northern piece of Tamaulipas, there has been five shootouts inside the prison and 29 inmates had managed to escape (Sanchez). Weapons, for example, firearms and knives have been found in cells and tunnels have been found underneath the prison cells. When inmates touch base in a prison situated in Mexico, they’re required to address the leader that controls the prison itself. Inmates must ask for permission to sleep in a cell and are required to work the first day. Restrooms must be cleaned, toilets must be spotless, the floor inside the cells must be cleared and food must be rinsed for other inmates.

In the event that a prisoner were to not bargain with the activity that he/she is given, they were either beaten or killed by a large amount of inmates. Inmates must pay to sleep in the cell that is given to them by the leader of the prison. Prisoners who don’t pay the weekly amount had been beaten and given a bad reputation. Inmates follow rules from the gang leaders inside the prison and ignore what guards and authorities have to say (Sanchez). It’s been said that Mexico’s prisons are highly corrupted. Drug Trafficker Joaquín Guzmán, known as El Chapo has escaped numerous times in Mexico from maximum-security prisons. Guards and prison administrators had been accused of working with El Chapo and setting him free. Bribery takes place within the system, this sets the country apart from every other country in the world (Sanchez). Last by not least, Mexico has not not committed a capital punishment since the mid 1860s, it had been removed from the constitution and extracted from the military code in 2005.

Mass incarceration carries an enormous price tag, countries around the world should learn from Europe’s prison system (Fuchs). Europe’s prison system is quite different compared to other countries and less people are imprisoned. The United States may have a larger population compared to the Netherlands and Germany, but that doesn’t change the way that the United States prison system substantially jails more people than any other country. Prisons in the United States must be improved and insure that more individuals dont head back to prison.

Prisons in Europe rehabilitate inmates and because of this, prisoners seek a life filled with social responsibility once released (Fuchs). The average stay in prison in the United states is three years whereas the average stay in Europe’s prison system is less than a year. Prisoners in Europe have gained more control than any other country. Prisoners are able to wear their very own clothes and cook their own meals, although they’re required to work and take educational classes throughout their stay. The privilege to vote is given to prisoners including welfare benefits if necessary (Fuchs). Inmates in Europe are given so much freedom that they’re able to go home during the weekends to spend time with their love ones. The prisoners will report to the prison during the week and maintain their relationships with loved ones during the weekend.

The European prison system gives prisoners much more freedom than any other country in the world. Europe regards its prisoners as individuals and not animals and in light of this the imprisonment rate in Europe is low. The death penalty has been abolished in all European. There has not been a capital punishment since 1999. Europe appears to have the best prison in the world, not because of the freedom that is given to the prisoners, but because the system gives individuals a second chance. Prisoners are rehabilitated and seek a better life after serving time, whereas in other countries prisoners are most likely to head back to prison.