Conclusions drawn from the investigation

The investigation has taught me a lot about the different factors which are involved in the diminishing interest and faith in our government, and I am very pleased to have chosen this as an area of interest. Looking into some of the recent scandals, and how the government either covers it up, or deals with the problem is fascinating, and has given me a whole new view of the way that our country is controlled.

Earlier on in the investigation I suggested that government and politics should be a mandatory subject in the school curriculum, however after some further research I have found that there are in fact plans to introduce the subject of citizenship, which is not pure politics, but a step in the right direction. I remain a firm believer in the idea to teach students at a younger age about politics and the way that the country is controlled, however arguments that the children have to be a certain age because otherwise they will find it boring and not participate seem to prevail.

During the investigation I also looked into some other factors which may affect the low turnouts of general elections, and voter apathy, but one that I did not mention is the voting system itself. Again after some further reading I realise that another aspect that I had overlooked in my investigation, and also my questionnaire was the idea that the voting system may simply be too old, and is perhaps in need of radical improvement and dragging into the 21st century.

Many people believe that the introduction of internet voting would be a way to contest voter apathy, and that having to leave the comfort of your own home, sometimes in the rain, to find the voting stations should be a thing of the past, however government officials believe that the traditional voting method should remain, and that the ever increasing amount of internet hacking and fraud which is committed everyday, renders the internet too insecure to entrust the redistribution of power to.

In conclusion I think that there are many important factors that need to be addressed in order to increase the turnouts of elections, and to restore faith in British politics, including the voting system, better education, and possibly better restraints on the legislation that is passed, however I still believe that if politicians are allowed to remain unpunished for scandalous behaviour and take advantage of the people who pay both their wages, and expenses, the faith in our so called democracy will never be restored.


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