The concept of elections ppt

The Concept and Principle of Su? rage Gaylord B. Dumaliang- Political Scientist ?Su? rage is de? ned as- ? $%? &? 45567 SUFFRAGE HAS FIVE FUNCTIONS 1. As a mechanism for leadership selection (who) 2. As performance review ( what) 3. As a renewal of consent ( why) 4. As measurement of political currents ( how) 5. As access channels ( can they) SCOPE OF SUFFRAGE ?Election- refers to process of choosing from among the candidates for a limited period, the peoples’ representative in exercising government powers. ?Initiative- the process by which the people directly propose and enact laws or amend the constitution. Scope of Su? rage ?

Plebiscite- the process by which a proposed amendment to the constitution is submitted to the people for approval. ?Referendum- the process by which a proposed law or a part thereof is submitted to the people for approval. ?Recall- The process by which elected local government o$cials can be removed from o$ce before the expiration of his term by a vote of the people after the registration of a petition. The Art. V Sec. 1 states: ???? 1#,? $?? + )?System of ABSENTEE VOTING The Congress is also mandated to enact a law that will prescribe the manner by which the Filipinos working abroad can exercise their right to su? rage, as such albeit they are not in the country, they will be able to participate directly in a very important political decision of electing their representatives in the government. This is called Absentee Voting.