Compulsory Military

Essay Introduction: Some of the recent events have given rise to thinking that military training should be given compulsorily to the citizen of India. The three attacks of China and Pakistan in 1962, 1965 and 1971 have compelled Indian leaders to give second though to this problem. Need of Compulsory Military Training: To get training in military service is important, significant and useful in many ways: First it makes the people disciplined. It inculcates the noble qualities of serve, sacrifice, devoting and dedication.

Secondly, military training serves as an insurance against foreign attack and national extinction. Thirdly, military training keeps the people physically fit, broadens the minds and devotes the spirit. Fourthly, it increases our power to work. As a mater of fact, by importing military training compulsorily to the youth of the India, we shall not only be raising an army of millions to fight the enemies of India, but also to fight many diseases and other wars at economic, social and health fronts.

Sixthly, by militarizing we will be accomplishing all such qualities and characteristics which we lack today. We lack in many other virtues like team spirit, loyalty, sense of duty, value of time, dignity of labor selflessness, simplicity and nobility of character, strength of courage and spirit of good fellowship. All these qualities of head and heart can only be acquired (got) and attained through military training. Seventhly, military training helps us at the time of emergency and foreign attack.

The military trained persons can be given duties during day and night. They can handle fire, revolvers and rifles and thus can safeguard the interests of the citizens. Significance of Military Training: In order to know the significance of military training we may quote the following example: It was this spirit of military which enabled Sir Winston Churchill, the worthy solider statesman politician of England, to come out victories in World War II. Napoleon’s daring feats can also be attributed to his military discipline.

It was the idealism which moved Rana Pratap and Shivaji to fight the inhuman acts of their enemies. Indeed, military training is useful in so many ways. Conclusion: There is no doubt that this mass training will take time to complete and it will cost a huge amount of money. But look at the rich profits the nation will get from the cadre of disciplined people. It will make people realize the interests of the nation first and their personal gains afterward.