Comprehensive reform

McCain as a presidential candidate in the United States has his own policies for the nation in term of their immigration strategy in the country (LeMay 2007). He believed that the boundaries have to be protected and that the central administration in the country has entirely been unsuccessful in its accountability to make certain that the nation is safe to the citizens.

He also argues out that the nation administration as a whole, has very minimal strategies to ensure that the nation is protected from any enemies and thus, he comes up with his own strategies that if he will be elected to be the president, he could have put into place to ensure that the country is safe for use by the citizens and even by the immigrants in the country. With this policy, he also promised to take legal action upon the horrific actor managers in the country.

He suggest that he will put into exercise the protective, accurate and dependable electronic service confirmation method of which will help to ensure that the citizens are assessed for their job eligibility in a genuine moment style (Savage 2006). With the system in place, he will use it to collaborate with other sectors in the government to assist him in the recognizing and forcefully act against the managers who will go on with the recruiting the unlawful refugees.

The electronic service confirmation method is set to be legible to serve any purposes such; 1. To set up a easy to use method utilizing a some degree of set of protected information that encloses the biometric records and are electronically supportable to confirm an employees individuality. 2. To offer reactions to the workers investigation in a punctual and opportune way to provide in cooperation of the manager and the worker safety in their employing verdicts.

3. To modernize and make sure that the correctness of present databases of administration sectors of which act a part in the employment confirmation. 4. To defend the individualities of each worker in the country being examined and permit both the manager and the worker enough period and chance to improve on their probable mistakes through a knowledge in the scheme. 5.

To establish besieged examination by sector of Labor in array to write off the workers who are neglecting the scheme put in place. He also promised to use the policy to meet the Americans workers demands. He promised that will be able to put into action the temporary employee schemes which showed the workers demands of the United States in both the great level of technology and the lower trained departments while defending the services chances for the united states workers (Simon 2008).

Upon this issue, he had promised the more trained workers some of the policies that he will put into action, this included; that he would have guaranteed them to reside and work in the nation upon their graduation, to minimize the official procedure and the probation duration for the employee to enter into the nation, that he would have enhanced accessible green card numbers to replicate the workers and the managers needs, to make sure that the obtainable and the capable American employees are offered with sufficient and fair chances to be appropriate for the chances available.

With this particular policy, I do tend to oppose it as it is of more centralized to the Americans than to the other people in the nation. With this, it will end up increasing the level of discrimination in the country and thus providing the vacancy of hatred among the citizens.