Competitive Analysis of Health Magazines India

Take charge of your health162+4 pagesSize: Reader’s Digest A5Focus on women’s health – similar to CW in its content agendaRs. 50/Monthly ———-Subscriptions rates:12 issues – Rs 45024 issues – Rs 900International title, easier acceptance among advertisers, published by Living Media, so better distribution /availabilityAverage layout and designs, substantial content sourced from international edition, not always relevant to Indian readers Men’s Health

The magazine men live by162+4 pagesSize: A4 large formatFocus on men. Fitness, exercise, nutrition, weight-loss, style, grooming, sex and relationships Rs. 50/Monthly ————12 issues – 20%36 issues – 30%International title, easier acceptance among advertisers, published by Living Media, so better distribution /availabilityHeavily skewed towards sex and body-buildingPictures are not clear and lack sharpness and brightness”Health & Nutrition”Magazine on health, fitness, nutrition. Published by Magna Group Everything in health and fitness – physical, mental and emotional. Looks (cosmetic), sex, weight loss, Tips and tricks, Useful stuff etc.

Rs 40Monthly———–SubscriptionDiscounts:12 Issues – 15 %24 Issues – 20 %36 Issue – 25%

Lower rates for HindiOne of the oldest brands on health.Good distribution.Available on newsstands.Wide variety of content.Reasonable Price/VFMEnglish and HindiMost content is half baked.Shallow and poorly researched. Poor Production Quality.No focus on Indian health issues.Ineffective website/poor online presence

“Life Positive”Your guide to holistic livingLife Positive was launched in April 1996 by Magus Media Pvt Ltd.

90 PagesA-4 SizePrimarily covers mind-body-spirit – alternative healing techniques like Ayurveda, Holistic, Meditation, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Yoga, Siddha medicine, naturopathy

Rs 30Monthly`———–SubscriptionDiscounts:12 Issues – 29924 Issues – 49960 Issues – 999

Lower rates for HindiOnly well known Indian brand in the area of mind-body-spirit healing. High Visibility.Good distribution.Available on newsstands/bookstoresGood, relevant content.Decent, resourceful website”Nirogyadham”Hindi Magazine on family health launched in 1979. Largest selling in its categoryFocus on Mind, body and soul – advice on prevention and cure. News from the world of medicine. Coping with specific ailments.Weight management.

108 pagesRs 20Quarterly

Yearly – Rs 148Lifetime – Rs 1000Comprehensive editorial coverage.Value for Money pricing.Contributions from Yoga experts, doctors and homeopathic doctors. Excellent reach – from rural India to international Poor production quality. Poor layout/designLow awareness.”Times Wellness”A full-colour fortnightly health supplement with The Times of India. Interviews with health gurus, new techniques and findings, tips and cures

4 broadsheet pagesFree with The Times of IndiaReachExcellent production valuesHi-profile contentPoor frequencyLimited pages, so in-depth coverage difficultMedical perspective