Competency Demonstration Report

In this kit, objective is to facilitate our clients in writing CDR based on their experience. Firstly, have a look on some General Rules of writing CDR Project: Use ‘I’, instead of we/us/our team/group Avoid writing descriptive sentences like “X was done”. Rather you should write “I did X” and then describe in detail how you did ‘X’ Avoid writing theoretical knowledge like description of any process from books, technical specifications of equipment copied from manuals etc You are required to write three career episodes After knowing the basic skills and tactics, lets move on to the Basic Information required for any project.

Career Episode 1 A) Introduction (write 50 – 100 words) Date and Duration of this career episode: I started working on this particular project on Jan xx, 20XX. It took me almost XX months in accomplishing this task and it was May 20XX when I successfully submitted this project. Geographical Location where the experience was gained: This project was carried on XXX plant of the company located at Lahore, Pakistan. Name of the organization: ABC & Co. (Pvt. ) Ltd Title of the position occupied by you: Design Engineer B) Background (write 200-800 words)

Nature of the overall engineering project: Here give in detail the specific problem or opportunity this project addressed, you can include the objective or the purpose of the project, what were the deliverables of the project, what were client’s requirement, expected benefits or results from this project. Write overall scope of the project and some brief background of the project. Objectives of the project: Designing XXXX Zarnab International (PVT) Limited Immigration Consultants

Competency Demonstration Report Competency Demonstration Report Career Episodes The nature of your particular work area: My particular work included designing of XXXX, testing and verifying my design, getting proposal and finally development and implementation. Chart of the organisational structure highlighting your position: GM/Head of Division Principal Engineer Senior Engineer / Project Manager Design Engineer Design Engineer Quantity Surveyor Design Engineer Design Engineer

A statement of your duties: In this section, you should list down the roles and responsibilities, tasks and duties. Write all the duties that you performed involving technical duties, tasks related to leadership and management. C) Personal Workplace Activity (write 800 – 2000 words) This is most important section of the CDR. Here you are required to describe the work that you actually performed. Write this part of CDR using ‘I’ instead of we, us, our. Avoid writing theory, detail processes or specifications of equipments from manuals.

Engineers Australia is not interesting in knowing how the department works, or what is the process flow (although you may refer to it where necessary), rather they are more interesting in knowing what is your role in that process. Technical details of the work You are required to produce complete details of how you performed any particular task, the method you adopted, steps you take If you performed any calculations, please include how you made these calculations, mention the method you followed or formula you used, include any sample calculations if possible.

Zarnab International (PVT) Limited Immigration Consultants Competency Demonstration Report CompetencyDemonstration Report Career Episodes If you are referring any tests that you performed, you are required to mention the tests, explain how you performed these tests, what were the results that you obtained, any deviations that you observed in test results, how you used these results, any alteration or modification or rectification that you have to made after viewing results of tests.

If you are involved in design work, give maximum details of the design, first tell in detail what this design was all about, how you prepare this design, what was the design criteria, any drawings or drafts that you made for this, any software that you used in making designs, include any alternative designs that you produced, mention if you presented your design for approval, was this design implemented or you have to make certain changes in your design before finalizing it, include the material that you require for your design.

If some commissioning or implementation phase in involved in the project, you are required to explain your role in that phase, what were the tasks that you performed. how you started the project any general or specific problems that you faced and how you solve those problems Mention the problem that you faced, give detail of how you identified that problem, any possible solutions that you proposed for the problem, how you reached to the ultimate solution, any advantages or merits that you considered, how you implemented your solution.

details from where you get help in obtaining your goals i. e. seniors, professionals in the field, websites, magazines, journals, international societies the tasks delegated to you and how you went about accomplishing them Here you can mention any particular tasks that you have to fulfill and also give detail of how you performed these tasks. strategies devised by you including any original or creative design work how you worked with other team members Here you can mention your team work, how you worked with others, how you supervised the work of others.

D) Summary (write 200 – 500 words) Here you should write about the result of the project, was the project successfully completed, include client/management satisfaction, how the objectives were achieved, was project completed in time, project met its budget or not, what you have learnt from this project, what lessons you learnt, how you see the progress and decision made by you, your view of the overall project, how your personal role contributed to the project. Zarnab International (PVT) Limited Immigration Consultants