Comparing and contrasting natural and legal crime

Comparing and contrasting natural and legal crime


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in a United States agency in the department of Justice. FBI was established in 1908 and was then called Bureau of Investigation (BOI). In 1935, the name was changed from BOI to FBI. The main work of the FBI is to protect and defending US against attacks and threats from the foreign intelligence. The FBI is also entitled to enforce criminal laws in the country and also in providing criminal justice services in the country.

In the modern days, the FBI’s main tasks are:

Protecting the country from attacks from terrorists and other countriesProtecting the country from other countries’ intelligence teams as well as espionageThe department protects the country from cyber attacks and other high technology crimesFBI also combats the country from public corruptionsThe FBI is also responsible in protecting the civil rightsThe department is also responsible in protecting the country from organized crimes attacksFBI also combats most of the white collar crimesFBI is also responsible in upgrading the technology to a more successful performance that will help in FBI’s mission.FBI’s crime index

There are different crimes that are committed in the US. FBI classifies these crimes in its crime index which is called Uniform Crime Reports (UCR). UCR is a crime report that is compiled by the FBI each and every year. There are two parts of crime that are tracked using the UCR.

Part 1- In this part, the crimes that are considered here are more severe and can cause more harm and loss compared to part II crimes. These crimes are, rape, robbery, criminal homicide, burglary, arson, motor vehicle stealing.Part II- part two crimes are not as severe compared to part I. These crimes include, buying or handling stolen goods, forgery and counterfeiting, simple assaults, vandalizing, abusing drugs, driving while drunk. In this part, it is subdivided in to another sub sections, A and B. This is determined by the reporting systems. Some of these crimes may include, blackmailing, kidnapping, gambling and trespassing.

crime1990199119921993199419951996199719981999Homicide-1—-1—Rape21-2–21–Robbery—-21-111Aggravated assault5552345545Burglary33341433161919311916Larceny721097075757094827691Auto Theft4462236155Total116154951149897127121105118FBI Major Crime Index, 1990-1999, retrieved from

According to the FBI statistics, larceny is the most committed crime. Burgaraly is the 2nd most committed crime while homicide is the least committed crime.

Crimes considered mala in se

There is no crime that can be justified to be good. A crime is a crime and should demonized no matter what. In most cases, crimes are determined through the set states laws and the consequences it’s likely to bring to the society or to the nation. According to the FBI, crime is determined and classified according to the criminal law that rules about it.

Mala in se, means wrong. Some of acts that are committed are wrong even without referring to the law. For example, rape. Rape is a crime committed against a human. Whether the law criminalizes this or not, it a crime and its wrong by itself and should be considered as a crime. Another act that can be considered to be wrong is murdering a human being. This has been agreed by all nations and individuals that this is wrong. Wherever the act occurs and whether the law exists or not, the act is wrong and can be recognized as mala in se.

Robery is another type of crime that can be categorized as mala in se. Whether there is a law addressing the issue of robbery or not, this is criminalized act. There is an agreement between all individuals that robbery is wrong. In this regard, robbery is not regarded as crime because of the law, but because it’s wrong.

Crimes considered as mala prohibita

Mala prohibita are crimes that are considered to be wrong because the law governs them, but not because they are wrong. This kind of crimes may not be as harmful as mala in se. Mala prohibita offences are also regarded as public welfare offences. These types of crimes are regulatory in nature and they don’t result to harm to either anybody or to a property but poses a danger that is likely to cause harm. This is the reason they are prohibited in order to minimize the probability of any danger that could happen.

Mala prohibita crimes may include driving on the wrong side, drug abuse, forgery or handling stolen goods. In this case, none of the above has direct harm to anyone. Example, in the United States, you are supposed to keep right, but in some instances, you can find yourself veered to the left. This is an offence because you have violated the law governing the road safety measures.


FBI is responsible for protecting the country from any kind of attack. In both part I and part II, crimes that are recorded are governed by the law.  Mala in se are the crimes are more likely to cause direct harm to people and property while the mala prohibita are less likely to cause direct harm to either an individual or property.


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