Comparing and Contrasting American and Britain Goverment

After America declared their independence from Britain in 1776 they had no governance system. One year after the Declaration of Independence was signed, and America gained their freedom the Articles of Confederation was signed and served as the governance for the nation. There were weaknesses in the articles such as the inability of the natural government to implement foreign or domestic policy, to tax, or regulate trade, and due to these weaknesses in 1778 the Constitution was the replacement of the Articles.

The articles simply did not allow enough power to the national government, and because the constitution maintained state power it also gave the central government power over commerce and foreign policies. During this time, Britain was the world dominance because of the Industrial Revolution they were able to expand their manufacturing products, and global production, they were able to build an overseas empire and controlled most international commerce. Although they were able to control international problems they had a hard time maintaining their external difficulties.

With the industrial revolution shifting powers to people of wealth and industry it created a barrier of who should and should not be allowed to vote, which was the beginning of Britain’s democratic change. Although never having a constitution, Britain has indeed steered in a democratic direction, now known as a parliamentary democracy. In a parliamentary Democracy their core principle is parliamentary sovereignty, which means that parliamentary actions can not be over turned by any other branch.

On the contrary under the U. S. constitution there are checks and balances which allows equal to keep one branch of government. It was designed to keep one branch from gaining to much power or abusing their power. Britain and America both has a legislative branch. Of course we all know that the legislative branch makes the laws, and you may think that it would be the same in the U. S. and Britain. Britain’s legislative branch is divided into two parts you have the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

In the U. S. we have a system of checks and balances, but since Britain does not the House of Commons has more power. Like the British the American legislative branch is too divided into two houses which is the House of Representatives and the house of senate. One being the House of Representatives was in favor of the large states which are to be represented according to population and the House of Senate which is equally represented, therefore creating an equal compromise.