Company (Royal Dutch Shell)

Royal Dutch Shell, a multinational oil company of Dutch and British origins. It is the second-largest private sector energy corporation in the world. The company’s main business is the exploration for and the production, processing, transportation, and marketing of hydrocarbons (oil and gas).

Headquarter in The Hague, Netherlands and with its registered office in London, United Kingdom.90,000 employees work for it. I would be really pleased if I got any opportunity to be a part of the company. It can be a dream for anyone to have this kind of job if they really get such facilities. The company provides good quality amenities to their employees and really value their hard work what they really be worthy of. * Employees are being rewarded through their performance. They get bonus and well salary.

* Companies offer annual leave and maternity/paternity allowance. They get vacation, paid holidays, sick leave, and a health insurance plan, needed benifits in today’s benefits market. Employees also have a qualified retirement plan to be available.

* Survey conduct among the employees to identify their problem areas and take steps for necessary improvement. They also get annual necessary training * Sports and social activity: employees can be involved in shell sports club,shell women’s network,shell African network, shell disability network. * They are also being provided GYM facilities, swimming pools, tennis court, and scuba diving. * Wherever possible the company provide flexible working pattern. * Fringe benefits like health, dental, life, disability insurance, employees’ vehicle purchasing program. Some other benefits:

* On-site child care center* Free parking* Service award programm* Employee Recognition Committee* Discount ticket program

After having so many facilities like above an employee really find him/her Proud to be a part of the company and it will always be the top most choice for anyone to be an employee of the company. This facilities also prove that the company really appreciate the employee’s hard work and proved them their deserve privileges or facilities.