Company profile

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare is known as an integrated healthcare system which includes Glenbrook, Evanston and Highland Park Hospitals, Home Services, Medical Group, ENH Foundation and ENH Institute. The healthcare system is located in Chicago, Illinois at the northern suburbs. The ENH Medical Group is composed of 68, medical offices and facilities. Throughout the years, it can be said that ENH has been able to show leadership in cardiac and cancer care and provide specialized cancer services at the Kellogg Cancer Care Center and intensive heart care at the Cardiovascular Care Center.

This healthcare institution is also consists of Physicians who works with leading researchers in translating the latest technology which can be useful for providing quality healthcare service. They also translate treatment and research into improved healthcare provision (ENH, 1).

 In order to continuously meet their organisational objective of providing quality patient care, ENH have invested in advanced technology and invest in a better physical environment for their staffs and patients.  ENH can also be considered as a healthcare organisation with a big heart as the institution is dedicated in doing philanthropic support and develop approaches to build advocacy for the world class care it gives to the patients and this is done through their ENH Foundation.

The ENH Foundation is devoted in helping ENH in fulfilling its mission to preserve enhance human life. It seeks to get the philanthropic support required to ensure that ENH can provide medical care, advanced research and modern technology and facilities. Through the affiliates of the ENH, specifically it’s Foundation; the company has been able to build strong relationships with the community to enhance awareness of high quality services and giving chances.

Philosophy and Business Process of ENH

ENH is a not-for-profit business institution of the Northwestern University operating as an integrated healthcare system (BNET, 1). This institution includes a full-service hospital system, surgery clinics, ambulatory care and other services.  It can be said that the main goal of ENH is to build a community on a system of care. The management aims on having a fully integrated healthcare system which permits easy migration of the latest research findings into the healthcare setting, such as hospital, ambulatory and even home medical services.

The business philosophy and practice of ENH are based on their mission of providing quality healthcare system within the community (DeMArtin, 2) . In doing so, they have been able to establish the Research Institute which aims on preserving and improving the way people lives. Aside from this, ENH is also bounded by their growing tradition of philanthropy. Their business philosophies have been instrumental in supporting and shaping the entire vision of the ENH which is to become a world-class care (MWE, 1).

In order to achieve their aims, mission and vision, the healthcare institution has been managed by many Chicago’s top corporate leaders and these leaders share a common goal and culture for ENH. The company also aims on ensuring that each individual in the community are achieving optimum health care. There are several ways on how organizations ensure quality operations (Teare, 35) and increased levels of customer satisfaction.

One of which is by means addressing all customer concerns and taking them seriously. In the case of ENH, the management is able to focus on the immediate needs of ht people in terms of their healthcare needs.  In addition, the business practice of ENH also ensures that they adhere to their corporate responsibility by providing medical assistances among patients. All in all, being a healthcare organisation, the objective and programmes initiated should adhere to their needs.


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