Company history Mobilink GSM

is a subsidiary of orascom telecom is the market leader in the communication solutions to over twenty million people in Pakistan .it is proud cellular service proder in Pakistan to operation 100 digital GSS technology

Mobilink is currently working under the patronage of orascom internatic the parent firm is as under Orascom was established in 195 0 by mronsi sawiris with a mission to build the quality of life for the people of Egypt. Carries on this mission through three prima Orascom construction industries, orasco development and orascom technologies. Mobilnik is a pure gsm cellular company in started its service in Pakistan entered the Market it was small company in cellular market of Pakistan its in terms of growth as well as having the largest subscriber base in Pakistan million in establishing’s network in Pakistan. Mobilnk about 10000 world wide employee are working in differ company has 264 franchise office and 14 service centers . it generate revenue month 3000connection are sold per hour. Mobilink is a telecommunication service provider in Pakistan According to PTA statistics,

Mobil ink has 29.55 million customers by July 2009. Mobil ink is the largest cellular service provider in Pakistan. Mobil ink’s corporate postpaid package is sold under the brand name “Indigo” and prepaid by the name of “Jazz”. also provides state-of-the-art communication solutions to its customer. Mobil ink offers exclusively designed tariff plans that cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people, from individuals to businessmen to corporate and multinationals. To achieve this objective, we offer both postpaid (Indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) solutions to our customers. Compared to our competitors, both the postpaid (Indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) brands are the largest brands Current structure of mobilnk company

MISSION”Our Mission is to identify future technologies and market trends for wireless needs as well as to and develop new and innovative services and applications.”


STRENGTHS• The company excels in marketing, sales and customer services. • It has the advantage of having a huge and loyal customer base. WEAKNESSES• Network problem is the biggest weakness for Mobilink for which it faces major criticism or complaints. • The company is also vulnerable with post paid debts. OPPORTUNITIES• The company has opportunities in the field of wireless and 3G technology. • It can also further capitalize on the emerging trend of value added services. THREATS• With lots of competition coming into the telecommunication industry of Pakistan, buyer’s growing bargaining power is the strongest threat to the company.