Company advertising

Heinz is an American processed-food product company; it has its headquarters located in Pennsylvania, has brand equity of $10 billion and the top competitors of Heinz are Campbell Soup Co, Conagra foods INC and NESTLE S A. (AOL Money & Finance, n.d.). Here I will talk about the marketing strategy adopted by the company to sell Heinz ketchup that is famous all over the world due to which it has a very large target market.

The Heinz advertisement that I have chosen is basically targeting the youth and the young people. The theme of that advertisement is that an energetic boy who loves to try new things in life keeps an open bottle of Heinz ketchup on the railing of a roof top and then he comes down in an energetic way after which he buys a food item. The creativity of the ad is the right timing when the ketchup falls down and drops on the burger the boy bought. The ad mainly targets the young people and the main selling idea of the company is that their ketchup is rich and thick and this can be seen in the ad also and this is also their unique selling proposition.

As far as the positioning of Heinz ketchup is concerned, it makes the consumers believe that it is the best by highlighting its benefits and stressing more on its popularity that works as rational appeal. In the end the ad shows the same boy winking at a girl who also purchased that same food item the boy did after which the ad mentions that the best things come to those who want. (You Tube, n.d.).

Moreover, this fact also gives them over the edge over the competitors as the brand is calling itself the best.  The appeal to personal state has been highlighted too as the boy is satisfied after consuming Heinz ketchup and it made him feel excited and proud. The ad creates images and conveys meanings that have a great impact on its viewers as it shows the experience the boy has after consuming the ketchup that makes the food item he purchases more enjoyable and exciting to eat.

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