Community College vs. Four-Year College

Many people feel that being in a community college is effortless. Students studying in a four-year college speculate that those students who are enrolled in a community college are “living the life”, meaning they do not have any worries about anything and are taking the easy way out to achieve some sort of degree or certification. However, most four-year college students’ assumptions are false. We face many varieties of issues that we need to deal with on a daily basis. Some few examples are transportation, family, work and so on.

Both colleges maybe receiving the same level of education but for a community college student, it is more than just the education. I, for example, drive to school every day from Dumont to Paramus which is about thirty minutes away not including the traffic during peak hours. Right now the price for a gallon of gas is about $3. 65; my car is a V6 engine and takes about 2 gallons of gas back and forth Bergen Community College. Unlike four-year colleges, they have onsite dorms that are centered on their main building for an easier access to their school. Sometimes they have free campus shuttles to bring them from one building to another.

Next is family, students who are in a four-year colleges does not have to deal with their family since they are away from home. Unlike us, students in community colleges, we must take part in helping with our family. Whenever I get home from my morning classes, I clean the kitchen, take out the trash and run errands that need to be done. Then there is also the thought of having to for pay the gas for our cars or bus fees for those who do not own a car. How do we earn money? By working! Compare to students who are in a four-year college, all of their expenses are covered by their financial aid and tuition fees that their parents paid.

Most of the people I know who are in a four-year college also receives weekly allowance from their parents. As for us, the students in a community college, most of us work in order to fill our cars with gas to attend school and have enough money for our own extra expenses. I prefer to provide my own income rather than ask my parents for money. They already work hard to pay for my tuition fees, and the least I could do is pay for my extra expenses such as gas. Overall, in my own opinion, being a community-college student is not an easy thing even though we may sound effortless; we still face much more variety of issues on a daily basis.