Community Care Act

I would like to focus on an individual with specific needs that is a person with a learning disability. On this essay I would like to discuss in great lengths some factors that can affect such a person especially in a community they are associated with. Firstly would to define what a person with a learning disability is, this is a lifelong disability that affects a person's ability to learn, it has been noted that people with learning disability are not considered in the community yet they are part of it so let me point out a few rights which these people have.

Despite the fact that they have a lifelong disability they have all the rights to everything that any other normal citizen has in the community. A lot of times they are treated as cast-always, sidelined and not given any chance to speak out their views and to be taken on board on things they would have suggested. We will note that in 1970 the education act made the right to education, a basic right for every child with a learning disability. In this way they do no feel cast away but fully participate in all that is done in the circular world.

Many times these people might be taking long to grasp some concepts but the best bet on them will be to go according to their pace and the preferred methods of learning so that they can achieve the best out of their situation. Then in 1990 the community Care Act supported new housing choices and gave people with a learning disability the right to live in the community, in this way they are at par with any other people in the society. Their situation is noted but they are given what they deserve, that is they get all the benefits which any other person gets in the community so they are also, counted and mean a lot in the community.

In 1995 the Disability Discrimination Act was the first stop towards fully recognising the civil rights of people with a learning disability, this then qualifies a statement that these service users had equal opportunities to anybody else. We will also realise that in 2001, the government gave people with learning disability the right to be valued. This can be further explained as the right to be considered like any other person despite their ailments. We will note that there were amendments made so by 2005 disabled people could access rail vehicles, they were given blue badge parking scheme.

There was also an improvement to providing a legal structure to empower and protect vulnerable people who are not able to make decisions for themselves. I understand that sometimes they cannot make real choices; they have to be supervised every time so then the legal structure cited the boundaries with which people have to operate. Despite all these rights these people have, they still face some difficulties in accessing the services they are entitled to; we find they have barriers that will always hinder their progress in all that they do. These can include things rating from failure to be understood by some people.

This might be due to the fact that there is serious communications break down, which eventually leads to frustrations. In the society we are living in there are a lot of people from different backgrounds so it is vital to understand people's culture, their environment, language and beliefs. Some factors like feeling withdrawn can affect them since they are always treated with suspicion and hostility wherever they go. As they have been treated like this they have felt as if they are cast-always and are never amounting to anything in life, i. e.

their esteem has basically vanished due to their situation. it`s good news such people have rights and they need to be aware of them and make maximum use of them. The community can easily notice these people since they go to the same locality we are in, hang around public places we always visit so it will be easy to take note of them and visit so it will be easy to take note of them and to attend to their needs. Some media and voluntary organisations can help change people's ideas by using pictures of people with learning disabilities, which shows things they can do like having a job or volunteering.

These kinds of people need to be included in the events, which happen so that they also participate. In as much as anyone have the rights in life people with learning disabilities have the rights to choose what they want be it a sample thing like choosing what they want to eat say for breakfast to complex choices like planning events of the day. So there are people who always act as advocates to solidly decide for them and make sure the decisions are precisely followed. In trying to curb a problem of loneliness and feeling cast away, people should note that there are things they can do to promote a positive care environment for such people.

This can be a plain thing like accepting how they are and helping in every possible way. The most important thing is to go an extra mile in all that a person does so that the service provider feels accepted. In so doing they open up to a person and can share ideas that might be easy to pursue as long as the initial steps of listening to them will be effectively done, providing a friendly and homely environment for such a person makes them feel accepted so that catches the way they respond because they will have found a person who identifies with them in their situation.

Positive thinking gives positive answers and a positive attitude so as long as they feel accepted then they can easily say out their views and not feel sidelined because of the homely environment they will be in. everyone is guided by how they are meant to comply with the rules and regulations that are stipulated and we should follow them precisely. The rights and rules safeguard these kinds of people so they cannot just be left standing alone so to say but will be having the back up of the rules.

The facts that these rules are stated with clarity means they have to be precisely followed, these include the rights to talk, freedom of choice, freedom to vote, the right to privacy and confidentiality in a persons life and the right to live etc. the organisation involved has the mandate to make sure all the promises and stipulated rights are followed as they are so that they are not found breaching any regulation clearly stated.

Sometimes there is no follow up on things that will be written down so a lot of people do not necessarily implement that which has to be done because sometimes they will feel it is not necessary to do so but if we could have the proper ways to follow in guiding the people with learning disabilities and full support from all the people involved then it will be easy to do the necessary task. Sometimes client's complaints are not dealt with for simple reasons that we might be thinking they are exaggerating things but we have to give them the benefit of doubt sometimes and act promptly to their situations and find out the outcome.