College Rights versus Gun Rights

Although there is an amendment that allows individuals to carry guns for protection, there is a limit to the extent to which this can be permitted. I do not advocate for guns to be permitted in collages because by doing that we will be playing with the fact that some individuals may feel OK to pull a trigger on their colleagues after an argument without prior consideration on the consequences of their action. Those in support of the idea argue that if people carry guns, they can be able to stop some of the innocent shootings that do occur.

I totally disagree with them because there are people who have been victims of shootings and died while they themselves had guns. Most of the time, even if an individual has a gun, they may not be lucky enough to use for their defense. For example, if guns are allowed in college and somebody comes through the gate and starts shooting at everybody, students may opt to also take out their guns and start shooting at him. Considering the number of bullets that are likely to stray, you may end up with more causality than you could have had in the first place.

Another example is one that occurred in the University of Texas in 1966 August in which a man by the name Charles Whitman climbed on the university tower and started shooting at people using a 6mm Remington hunting rifle. This rifle is a long distance effective killing machine. It meant that anybody who was within a radius of 500 yards was in Whitman’s danger zone. The man held the whole university hostage for hours until when the police intervened and managed to bring the situation under control.

The man had managed to kill 14 people and wounded 31 others and were it not for the police, he could have caused more damage (Carter, 2002). A study that was undertaken by the International Crime Victim Survey indicated that there was a connection between the increased cases of suicide and homicide with gun ownership. According to the study, a gun at home had a 2. 7 more likelihood of being used for killing a family member compared to an intruder. It is thought that on average, the guns do not offer protection to individuals who own them but instead increased their chances of being shot 4.

5 times (Study carried out by epidemiologists at the school of medicine, university of Pennsylvania). This could imply that there is a likelihood of having more shootings in schools if every individual was allowed to carry guns resulting to more deaths. People who are short tempered may be tempted to use their guns if they are involved in a fight as they may decide to use whatever weapon available for defense. If such individuals get access to guns, this would as well mean that there is a possibility that every fight could involve gun use which could lead to more deaths (DIANE Publishing Company, 1991).

Therefore, considering all the factors above, I could not encourage college administrations to allow students to carry guns to college. This could help reduce the cases that are being witnessed. There is need to ensure that proper rules about gun regulation are put in place which could ensure that individuals who are allowed to carry a gun are psychologically fit and that they are also monitored on a regular basis. References Carter L. G. (2002) Guns in American Society: A – L. Oxford, UK: ABC-CLIO DIANE Publishing Company. (1991) A Clash of Arms: The Great American Gun Debate. Honolulu, HI: DIANE Publishing.