Civil rights refers to personal rights

Civil rights refers to personal rights guaranteed and protected by the U. S constitution together with the federal laws enacted by congress like the civil rights acts of 1964 along with Americans with disabilities Act of 1990. For example, civil rights includes the following; the right to vote, due process of the law, protecton from unlawful discrimination and the freedom of speech. The office of the civil rights enforces those laws that prohibit the discrimination due to color, national origin, age, disability, sex and religion.

Under the protection of laws, the people of United States are able to receive human services and the health care without discrimination. For instance, one cannot be denied services on the basis of his color, race or national origin. Civil Rights of Mexican Americans The history of the Mexicans- American people was published in 1977 and was greeted with enthusiasm because of its straight-forward and objective account of the Mexican- American role in the history of US. This history is wide ranging sparing for hundred years and varies from region to region just within the United States.

The history of United States is taken as incomplete if there is no inclusion of the story of the Mexican Americans. These people can be regarded as forgotten people because they are not included in the history books. Even when they get grouped with the Hispanic people they tend to form the largest number. These people have enriched the society by their many contributions. Among the contributions were their willingness to work hard and harvesting of crops in the valleys making these valleys to be the richest in the world. The impact of different cultures like that of the Mexicans has lead to nations owning culture.

The effects are obvious ranging from language politics and fine arts . These people were once concentrated in the states which formerly belonged to Mexico. These states include California, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. They then began creating communities in Los Angeles, California, Santana Ana, Denver and Chicago. In recent times, the Mexican immigrants have become a large part of the work force in industries like meat packing, Agriculture, construction, restaurant and other service industries. Their identity has also changed remarkably during these years.

In the past 100 years, Mexican-Americans have been fighting for voting rights, employment and ethnic discrimination which were meant for economic and social advancement. Meanwhile, many Mexican-Americans have also been struggling for definition and maintenance of their community’s identity . During the 1960s and also 1970s Hispanic and the Latino students’ groups filtered with nationalism where La Raza was tied up with deeper disagreements on whether to have integration or to have separate ways. By definition, Mexican-Americans are a subject of Hispanic group.

They may be recent immigrants or the daughters and sons of the immigrants or even the descendants of those who came to the US decades earlier. They usually had a designation of the first hyphenated Americans which emanated from their real political events. In parts of Texas and even southern California, the Hispanic Americans have the ability to obtain positions within the local government as the New Mexico Hispanic Americans maintained absolute majority of the population till the end of the 19th century. Because of the Hispanic American political system, the government delayed in offering New Mexico statehood .