Civil Rights of Mexican Americans

Despite the process of integration, the Hispanic people were able to maintain the Spanish culture and language. They had great success in the areas where they had to retain some measures including those of economic and political power. In this case Jim Crow laws imposed what was called isolation where immigrants from Mexico tend to make up a great percentage of the community. The lynching of Mexican-American and the Mexicans in the south west has been neglected for a long time in the history of America.

Most of the lynching was not example of “frontier system”. Of the total victims, only a few were lynched in areas which were deficient of a formal judicial system . During the time of the California gold rush, many Americans arrived in California. With some of the Anglos, they saw their success as a threat and put them into intimidation by the violence, where Mexican Revolution had great number of effects to the Mexican-Americans. 1st is that the turmoil had made a number of refugees to flee to the United States.

It also fueled enmity between the US and the Mexican government which in turn threatened the interests of the US. Chicano movement was started and blossomed in the 1960s and 1970s. This revolution had civil rights struggles which were the cultural and generational politics. Rudolf Gonzales and Reles Tijerika in New Mexico had an adoption of a historical account of hundred and twenty-five years that had followed. On the other hand, the version of the past did not take into account the history of most of the Mexicans who found an entry to the United States.

The movement had to deal with some practical problems which most activists focused on . In 2008, Los Angeles civil rights groups had filed a petition through the California Supreme Court with the intention of stopping the enactment of proposition eight, which was because it would have mandated discrimination of the minority groups and the process required fundamental revisions to the California constitution which was not followed.

Various bodies like Mexican American legal defense and the California NAACP argue that for the protection of the fundamental rights of all Californians, there is the need of higher standard which can overturn the renowned right to marry. A simple majority vote won’t have been allowed to strip minority communities of their fundamental rights. The California constitution had a requirement that attempted to overturn the underlying principles of constitution should have an approval of a two votes of the legislature before submission to the voters .

The most basic protection which California constitution guarantees is the right to equal protection of the formulated laws. In some briefs, the American legal defense and educational fund along with the numerous other civil rights movements had argued that California should have laws that discriminate taking the basic sexual orientation to the level of constitutional review. Also briefs supporting freedom to marry for the same sex couples received a node by the cities of Los Angeles, San Jose, Long Beach as well as 14 other cities and countries .

Chicano movement encompassed a wide spectrum of issues ranging from farm workers, enhanced education and even the restoration of the land grants. In a social view, the Chicano movement was there to redress ethnic stereotypes of Mexicans in consciousness and also the media. This was also done through the creation of the works of literary as well as the virtual art to validate the Mexican American culture and ethnicity. Originally, Chicano was taken as a derogatory label for the daughters and the sons of the Mexican people within the two borders because they were neither Americans nor Mexicans.

At around 1960, it was then appreciated as the symbol of self-determination and also the ethnic pride. The other key role of the movement was to address discrimination in both public and private institutions. The movement had culminated in the early 1970s from the heroines and heroes. The movement gathered momentum after the World War II where groups like the American G. I Forum (AGIF) which had a source from the Mexican American veteran had joined efforts through other civil rights organizations .