The Civil Rights Act Sample

“The Civil Rights Act “was amended by introducing the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Under the above Act, any bias on the foot of childbirth, maternity or connected medical state was considered to be illegal sex discrimination. The pregnant women should be treated in the analogous style as other employees will received with alike limitations or abilities. Further, an employer should not reject to employ a carrying woman due to her maternity or due to intolerance of clients, co-workers and customers. Employer has to provide maternity leave with pay, insurance cover and other fringe benefits.

In the financial year 2008, EEOC received more than 6300 charges of pregnancy-oriented discrimination. About 5300 pregnancy associated cases have been resolved in the financial year 2008 and it was able to award compensation to the tune $12. 2 million by collecting the same from the erred employers. For instance, Delaware County Pain Management was asked to pay $95,000 to settle the pregnancy discrimination case filed by one of its employee namely Dr. Shuffler. It was alleged by EEOC that Delaware County pain management terminated her employment because she was pregnant.

It is to be noted that such discretionary practice amounts to infringement of Civil Rights Act as modified by the “Pregnancy Discrimination Act. “(EEOC 2009) Thus, Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 and EEOC are playing pivotal role in safeguarding the interest of the working class in U. S. A.


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