Civil rights Review Example

Some groups in the society were also treated unequally especially the elderly and the disabled. They were deprived of equal employment and access to transportation and public facilities (MSN Encarta). Moreover, the inequalities were extended to homosexuals because they were prejudiced by social and sexual taboos over the country (MSN Encarta). Furthermore, women were not exempted from the unequal treatment of the state. Women were not allowed to choose their leaders because they were not allowed to participate in voting not until the Constitution was amended on 1920 (MSN Encarta).

In addition, women were deprived of their right to employment as they were not allowed to work in the jury and in the government. Some civil rights also prejudiced their role in the society (MSN Encarta). Throughout the years, the inequality can be visibly seen being bestowed among those having dark complexion which includes the African- American and the Negroes. According to Maureen Dowd, racial discrimination is the common form of inequality in a white-conscious country like America.

During the past years, equality among all the citizens was minimally observed and the white Americans dominated the minority class. Inequality among the black Americans was also observed in schools, churches and in other places. In the case of Brown vs. Board of Education, the court found the defendant guilty of Constitutional right’s violation. In the said case, the petitioners questioned the rule of the school in segregating them in a separate room from the whites just because of their race.

Moreover, in the said case, the Negroes exercised their freedom to enter in public schools but they were denied of equal protection of the law as embodied in the Constitution. They may have been provided with education but they were denied of the equal treatment as the whites because the whites were given more privileges than the blacks. At present, the legislature has passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which gives protection against discrimination in the workplace for gay men, lesbians and bisexual (Buchanan).

In the said act, it is a crime to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to the compensation terms, conditions or privileges employment of the individual, because of such individual’s actual or perceived sexual orientation (Buchanan). In addition, the said act has curtailed the freedom of the employer to choose the people he or she wishes to hire. By virtue of the Employment Non- Discrimination Act, the gays, lesbians and homosexuals were granted with momentous right to employment, making them equal with men and women.

Furthermore, after the issue of the 9/11 bombing, discrimination and inequality was observed among the Muslims. Muslims who are citizens of the state are afforded with freedom embodied in the state’s laws and statutes. However, they are treated unequally from the other American citizens. This inequality is visible mostly in the airports and in other agencies. Muslims and Arabs are associated with Saddam Hussein, Al- Qaeda and terrorism by most people. In addition, their belongings and personal circumstances are being strictly searched and investigated to ensure that they are not among the members of the terrorist groups.

Through this practice, the Muslims and Arabs were easily presumed as terrorists. In the movie “CRASH”, the inequality through racism is obviously displayed which proves true American society. In the present situation, public office is open to all qualified citizens of the America, irregardless of their races. However, in the political setting, it can be observed that racism as kind of inequality is present. The contest of Obama and Clinton in the presidential nomination is not merely a contest between who among them wins the majority but is also a contest between races of between whites and blacks and between genders.

In the American society, it seems that freedom can not be harmonized with equality, especially to citizens belonging to other races. Among the blacks, Muslims, Arabs, Asians and others, freedom for them is to be treated as equal with the whites. On the other hand, among the whites, freedom for them is acting without limits and control from outside intervention. It can therefore be concluded that exercise of one is the curtailment of the other and only some can be have both freedom and equality.

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