Civil Engineer

Civil engineer is a very important career in our lives. This career is the one that organizes the cities. Civil Engineers are responsible to do constructions such as bridges, roads, streets, drainage, and all the constructions that keep us communicated and living totally comfortable, being a civil engineer brings you a very huge and important responsibility because all the work that you will do is for the society. In the field of civil engineering there are a series of major specialties.

One is Structural Engineering in this range the civil engineers are the designers of structures such as, bridges, buildings, parks, rides. These engineers work with concrete, steel and many other materials to do the structure. Another one is Environmental Engineering, inside this specialty the engineers are in charge to provide clean drinking water, clean the sites with hazard materials, and clean, purify or eliminate all the toxic substances. Without doubt this specialty is one of the most important for us without them the world will be a whole mess.

The next is Geotechnical Engineering this is required for all the civil engineers, this specialty analyze the rocks and soil before constructing on them, evaluate the settlements that support the structure to have a solid base for the buildings. Other specialty is Water Resources Engineering, construct canals, hydroelectric plants, dams, lakes, etc… Are in charged to protect the community form floods, and supply water for the cities, agriculture and canals.

Moreover there is Transportation Engineer Like the name says, they are the one that are in charged to manage the transportation from: air, water and land, His purpose is to control the traffic. In addition Construction Engineering, construct the designs that architecture engineers draw. They convert all the crazy designs to reality, always taking care of the functionality and the safety of the designs to convert them into a functional building. Finally Urban and Community Planning, the function of this engineers is to determinate the: streets, identify where to construct parks and recreation areas.

Also study the community to give the best place to construct the industries and schools, giving shapes and sense to the cities. First of all the specialty that I’m going to choose is construction engineering because I love to construct and do things that are useful. Currently my father has a construction business and I want to manage his business and follow his example of being a civil engineer. Secondly I have love for the constructions. At my five years old, my father was constructing a small group of stores, I always wanted to be with him watching the constructions.

Then I slowly start to have more passion for the constructions. After some time thinking about this and other careers, I finally got convinced that being a civil engineer is mostly the best option for me, my father an intelligent man told me: “if you want to be a civil engineer it is because you love it, if you love what you do, you will do good on everything, maybe you will not be rich, but you will be happy with your work, your dreams will come true, and no one can take you away the satisfaction to do what you love”.

Those words took all my doubts from deciding, and changed my way of thinking. Some personal skills necessary to succeed are communication, computers, foreign languages. Another extra skills are the robotics and computer(qualifications and trends 4). According to the US department of labor the number of civil engineers will remain. jobs will increase every 5 years the government rebuild some 150,000 miles of roads. The new projects will create 1. 4 million new jobs in the transportation construction industry(future demand and salary 4).

According to the most recent U. S. salary survey conducted by ASCE, entry-level civil engineers earn an average of $32,000; mid-career engineers earn $52,000-$58,000; and senior engineers average $73,000-$86,000(resources for students 3). Being a civil engineer will bring me a lot of challenges ,this career involves a lot of applied math, science, physics and others difficult classes, one thing that favors me is that I’m good at math and physics ,so definitely I have personal attributes for that career.

By other way being a civil engineer is a very huge responsibility, every range on the career of civil engineers brings whit them a whole bunch of responsibilities. I think People pursuing being a civil engineer will not do it for money, in my personal opinion, I Think people that work in this career, are because they love what they do, they really care about society and they do his work only to serve the community, solve problems and get the satisfaction from working to his country. Why I want to be a civil engineer?

After looking upon all the careers, I have found that civil engineering is the perfect career for me, I believe that I have the intelligence and the habits to be a successful engineer. Have the satisfaction of doing what I love, make new roads, innovate country organization, build buildings, houses, bridges, that leave a mark on the people are some of the reasons why I want to be a civil engineer.. After looking upon all the careers, i have found that civil engineering is the perfect career for me, I believe that I have the intelligence and the habits to be a successful engineer.