Civic participation

Latino vote is a non-partisan and a non-profit organization founded in the year 2004 by actress Rosario Dawson and is currently headed spearheaded by Maria-Teresa Kumar as the executive director. The main vision of Latino vote is to increase the number of American youth civic participation through increasing the number of voter turnout while at the same time enhancing political involvement among the members of the group.

Activities of Latino vote include registration of voters at the ground level which is achieved through multimedia and pop-media awareness (Davila, 2007). Latino voters has an enlisted army of volunteers who are formed by a group of more than 35 celebrities and their main aim is to encourage civil involvement and some of the members include; Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longaria, Pit bull, Jessica Alba, Fat Joe among others.

According to the report, “The Power of the Latino Vote in the 2010 Elections (They Tipped Elections in 2008; Where Will They Be in 2010)” there is evidence that the Latinos constitute more than 25% of the voters and this is calling for respect from all politicians to respect these group since they are growing with a considerable force that will ensure that they influence the future elections. The Latinos have been traditionally considered to have effect only in California but their number is currently growing to other states including Texas, and New York.

Latinos have the fastest growing population and the youngest and these calls for those interested in politics to this growing voter community if they are to win. Owing to that the fact that this community is neither democratic nor republican supporters, they are open to influence the voting pattern in any way. The organization has 18 year olds registered as voters and new emigrants who are becoming Americans with large numbers of their members turning out for elections.

The organization is currently influencing what politicians seeking office do to the public. It remarkable that the number of Latin voters grew by 30% between 2004 and 2008 alone and this led to an increase in the number of Latino voters by more the 2 million as compared to American electorate which change from 7. 5% to 9. 7%. If you take a keen look at the victory of Senator McCain in Florida and that of Senator Hogan in North Carolina, then it will be clear that the Latinos have the decisive vote in America.

As it is the case with all Americans, economic growth is the main concern to the Latinos. The organization is fighting for the less privileged communities to get the necessary help which they need including god jobs that can enable them provide for the needs of their families with pride. The organization is also fighting for their pride and this why they have come up with emigration reforms since it very important to them.

This has helped in receiving legal citizenships which is the major recipe for one to register as a voter (Davila, 2007). The organization is concerned with the chaos in the emigration system that the politicians speak about most of the time but little has been done by them to change the situation. The organization is campaigning for legal systems that have suitable laws that people can easily follow while at the same time upholding national values.

Their main hope is that these issues on emigration will be resolved so as to make all be regarded as brothers and sisters with their American families. This group is good since it helps in achieving the American Dream that people have been struggling to achieve in America. The development of this organization has made the American to have the first black president in decades and this achievement can be accorded to the Latino voters. Davila A. (2007). Latino Spin: Public Image and Whitewashing. California. Latina Publications.