Chinese Hero

So far, I have heard a lot of heroes and heroines form books or legends, but the hero that I first think about is Dr. Sun Yat-Sen who is the founder of our nation. Although people in China and Taiwan have different leaders and constitutions, both countries honor Dr. Sun Yat-Sen as their national father. In my opinion, he has the characteristics that could make people recognize him as hero, such as determination, talent and great contribution. First of all, he has the quality of determination that is very important factor to success. Although he fails for 11 times, he still doesn’t give up his dream to overturn the corrupt government and built a new country.

For 17 years, he had gone around the world to make speeches, propagate his ideas, and find supports or resources of foreign countries. Although he meets many problems such as chasing by the Ching Dynasty or protesting by people with different opinions, he always tries his best to overcome every difficulty that he encounters. Therefore, he finally succeeds. The second reason is that he is not only play an important role in our country’s history but also has many talents. For example, he is very good at calligraphy. His hand writings are exhibiting in many museums of Taiwan. Besides calligraphy, he is also good at wringing.

He writes many proses, and even the lyrics of our national song are written by him. Because he had studied and lived in Hawaii for ten years, he is also a bilingual hero. He has a good English ability. Finally, he has a great contribution for people in China and Taiwan because he overturns the bad and corrupt government. If we didn’t have Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, we would live in the life that is full of wars and bad economies.

He is like the lighthouse, illuminating our way from the dark and giving people the direction. He is a good model who uses his knowledge to make some contribution to the society and bring a better live for people. In conclusion, it is an undeniable fact that Dr. Sun Yat-Sen can be honor as a great hero. Until now, people still remember him with many activities and holidays. He is the great hero who lives in every Chinese people’s mind.