China. Minimum wage

* If they can make quicker, cheaper and better than China, jobs will come back to Britain for good * Girl, stuff in Britian is good enough than anybody* Find new people, train them in manufactories* Take interview* Work toghther* Can take on Asian tiger* He own 2 crushion manufactory and have 40 people* Factory in China = 50* He said what he is doing here is bring work back from China to the UK China becom lass competitive * He gives him 3 months to find the right staff train them and hang on them in UK * Research for next generation, 46 go for interview. Completion in job is high * Interview but people are in different area

* Decline, in crease in unemployment, next generation in work. * South the unemployment level 17% higher than average. No job is created, looking interner to find a job. 17 new staff will be the troops in his battle against china’s global dominace * A women guide 2 news who don’t have experience, like people listen to she ask don’t lie to interrupt, . They don’t have work in factory machine before. They have to make a certain crushion to affort the cost. * Another girlShe is in charge of twelve machinist who together do twelve thousand cushions a wwek. One of the fastest because do from 16. 26 year doing and stick there.

* Manager make the dream of becoming expansion come true. 30 year experience in textile, he will be the person trusted to implement these plan. Full of idea. * Lot of worker getting colder, and lots of the skill based is also getting older. Need to get new staff in the industry in order to have long term sustainable future. * People in 20 is get to learn and cost to business and recuri more experience ladies to get machine run quickly * 2 new ladies will be paid minimum wages and condemned the bonus if they break the targer to complete Chinese worker * 2 boys: salary is just enough to pay everything.

* 9 hour is tough for yourngs, tired, a long day, staff, positive and confident for the first day and they do not tell after that. Manager hope to see they be back to work * CHINA: ONW a factory in China and he see this country to be global dominant, key is chines worker, they sleep at factory and only go home one a year, they are hard working and send money home.

They want to earn decent money to take home and her chilrend can study * Hard to eanr but earily to spend. Unchangable exchange rate, wage inflation, shipping cost, culture belief , china is not cheapest place anymore China isn’t dominate world’s manufacturing forever. * Rising cost leading reduce cost, and reduce workfore in china * Change of China is opportunity for th UK,

* Factory: 2 girls are still struggling with the skill and using machine. Got tolearn. * If Julie planned to take on China is to work, need new worker to lear quickier. * Mistake 1 girl 1, other 5. Sofi is more confident

* Boys: working on filling and packing , interesting work for minimum wage. In order to get bonus, have to pack a certain pack. * Minimun is less for 18 and 20 years old* They tell: It is to better job to meet the basic life. It is better to get a job * Bring work back to Uk from china* One call sick for second time. Rebaca find a new job* Lose second staff in blow to the black, he once told from manufacturing to a new generation but even high unemployment in local, he still lose competition. He lose a girl, * Call and negotiate about the salary to increase a third. Rebeca. * Disapoiting,

* Have a meeting, the conversation turn to the fact to the peer people. Shoulf have minimum requitrment. Compare with competitior.

* Have a dinner, * Customer don’t want to buy if approach to become too expensive and then we wouldnot have any business at all. * Stay in competitor,if aginst a whole of china. 

* CHINA: labour cost is low, put youger genergation more confidition, need to pay fair salary. * Different between China and UK. If 25%=> Can not accept, there are more people wil already take your place, but in China, the girl put him under the decision, choose or not * Chinese new year, one year contact finish, worker look for new job.

* Hunder manufacturing put their offers in the stress and the boss do the same. Uk ther are more worker than job, but in China there are more job than worker * With labour shortage, doing business in china isnot easy as it used to be, they have to choose the best one. People are looking for guarantee for job rather than the link to salary

* In UK the factory pick the staff, in China, the staff pic the factory and they want to check the potential workplace, they want to get in a team because they work in a team * Cost is rising in China, capital of textile in the work like UK used to be the workshop of the world in term of txilte * The boss go to visit one of his fabric supplier to do more research and its it very different place in china. * The fact is that there are more than 1000 faotry in the area. Becaue this is a place for buying industrial goods. There are material for making clothe here. * The boss said he have many worker in textile, and supplier have many in this ared and can work togethet * Big challenge, to compete.

* In UK there are nit many job but alots of people, but 4 new staff has abandoned the factory and its only the third week of expertiment * Training people to sew also still difficult.

* The manager worry about sofi productivity also her skill is improve * Have a talk with sofi. It is better to bring the people and train them * Cost implication in business, need quicker staff and if you take a trainee to make sure that don’t lose the quality.

New many new staff, need advice for worker to be more experience * The boss want to reinvigorate UL manufacturing and he think ha mighe have dound a new way with long term unemployed. At least some of the people that have worked with a long time might be more interested in the work * He hope the employee he found are less abandoned him

* Stealing work from China and ask new employees about what kind of work he looking for * 80% of client to support maintance job after three month. There are risk involve, it is difficult for them to get a job and they may have actually cold down against the people * Interview again some candidates. Including a criminal, and he said many peple probably thing I can take risk my recruit him and he ask how are you going to help me make you start revolver aside risk and decide to test sewing stll of three candidate in a trial * He said giving some body a job can be a life changing, experience with people in a serious crime home and sometimes u can see the people wants with the organization just give them a chance.

* The boss can be enthusiastic about long-term unemployed. * The day of trial because the man, job call him to cancel because he is not already, lisa are late for her trial and she has problem. all against now. * Lisa taiking sewing trial and empress and do really well and confident. The boss also try * He ask Lisa about expectation in the facotyr, need to be full time employement and give up Lisa.

* But the manager has his own idea. Make a phone call with some one experience to take up the set of rebeca. * The manager suggest that they could do some train rather than they train theieself

* Although the trainee are deruptive to them,

* For the boys, they are also not sure when is the last* There are many work in crushion to complete with china* One of the guy also leave the job and did not tell the manager and get a jobe for higer minimum wage. * Lost all of the new staff and unfinished orfer are stacking up * He send the old ladies to China and try to compare where is cheaper and quicker.