China. Cross-cultural communication

Discuss the difference between the concept of ‘national’ and ‘corporate’ culture. Analyse the reasons why cross-cultural differences can act as an impediment to business success.

Throughout this essay I am going to look at how culture can differ within an organisation on a national level as well as a corporate level and then go on to suggest ways in which theses differences can affect the success of a business. Firstly I feel a few key terms need to be defined and clearly understood to allow the question to be answered properly. In my opinion theses terms would be ‘national’ and ‘corporate’ culture, along with cross-cultural differences.

Even within a culture there are many groupings and levels that are present within each individuals mental outlook. These include cultural layers such as, national culture, regional culture, gender, generation, social as well as corporate culture. I will touch on these all very briefly in the main body of my essay but concentrate mainly on the national and corporate layers of culture. (

National Culture can be described as, “The result from one nation attributing characteristics to another, which can result in stereotyping and prejudice. National culture needs to take account of differences in the groups and communities which all contribute to national culture.” (

If stereotyping and prejudice are occurring in the workplace this can have many detrimental effects on employees and their motivation or ability to work as part of the organisation. I will pay more attention to how this could possibly affect business success later on in the essay. Corporate culture can be described