Children And Young Peoples Workforce Certificate

Unit 9. 3. 1 6. There are lots of agencies and resources you can access for advice and support on equality and conclusion. You could contact voluntary organisations, places like the Citizins Advice Bureau, disability charties such as the Down’s Syndrome Association, etc. You could go on goverment websites such as ACAS and look at employment law. You could also look on the Derbyshire gov website. Local Agencies such as Surestart, the Jobcentre, and your local legal centre could also help.

7. You can gain support and advice from: Your Collagues – They can make sure you are meeting all your children’s needs. By getting feedback on your own practice – This can help you to see if you need to improve or change anything and help you get advice on things you may be strouggling with. Interagency Work – This can give you information on additional needs and cultures. Community Leaders – They can give you knowledge about the different types of people in your area and their cultures.

Professional Oppurtunties – These can give you a chance to get updated on legislation, devlop your skills and knowledge, and learn about different needs and cultures. Unit 9. 2. 3 8. You can challenge discrimination through: a) Your Behaviour – By always being inclusive, being a good role model, always meeting peoples needs and respecting others. b) Reflecting on your own beliefs – By challenging your own beliefs and values and thinking about w1hy you think the way you do and whether it’s inclusive.

c) Displinary Procedures – This helps to question and challenge staff and make them aware of when they do things incorrectly. d) Complaints – This makes settings reflect on their policies and whether they are enforing them, and gives parents the oppurtunity to challenge anything they are unhappy with. e) Staff Training – This helps you gain knowledge, get updated on any changes in information and legislation. f) Reviewing polcies and prodecures – This makes sure the setting is following them and helps point out what needs to be changed.