Child Labor in America

Our child labor issue an ongoing world wide effect, currently among America’s society. Researchers even today and our up and down crisis we face economically, leave us with the understanding that poverty is a main cause of child labor. Still in America poor families depend heavenly upon their children working in order to improve their chances of attaining basic necessities. American history goes way back to explain that poverty and a child’s workload come from a lack of not receiving the education which is important for their growing years. There are certain laws and policies that was established to control our child labor issue. Aiming to stop child labor.

Many people use children for labor work to take advantage of children innocence that the children have. Child labor is used for the employment of children below a certain age, which is considered illegal by law and custom. The ages varies from country to country and government to government. Child labor is a world phenomena which is considered to be inhuman by many organizations.

Child labor was considered to be a human right issue ,but came out to be a public dispute. Child labor is widely spread all over the world. Child labor is used for domestic work, factory work, agriculture, mining, having business’ run such as; selling food, and helping parents. In some factories children are forced to weave carpets, polish shoes, and ship off store goods.

There are many causes for child labor. Most of it is caused by poverty, parental illiteracy, social apathy, ignorance, lack of education and exposure, exploitation of cheap labor, and family size. Poverty is especially the main cause of child labor. Parents are always being forced to send their little kids into hazardous factories to work, they have no other choice. They know that they are wrong for doing their kids that way but it was hard.

They did it for various reasons: they were in the need for food, shelter, and clothing for their kids. Illiterate and ignorant parents do not understand the need for wholesome development of their children. They are uneducated and unexposed, so that’s why they don’t realize the importance of education for their children.

Although, there are many child labor laws that are established to protect children, it is impossible to prevent child labor. Even though child labor in America is prohibited in many places, there will always be some place where children are forced to work by the consent of their parents ignorance. Extensive subcontracting makes it impossible to identify the use of child labor whether it’s intentional or unintentional. Even when laws or codes of conducts exist, they are often violated. In India the constitution states that child labor is a wrong practice,

and standards should be set by law to eliminate it. The child labor law act of 1986 carried out by the government of India makes child labor illegal in many regions and sets a minimum age of employment at fourteen years old. Health issues are very important in child labor, work that is safe and healthy for adults may not be for kids because of their physical condition. Risks may be greater for children at various ages and can have long-term effects. Risk factors include; rapid skeletal growth, development of organs and tissues, greater risk of hearing loss, developing ability to assess risks, greater need for food and rest, higher chemical absorption rates, smaller size, and lower heat tolerance.

Trying to end child labor has not been an easy thing to do. Recognizing child labor as a violation of children’s rights, trade unions are joining together with families to stop this and put children in school. Many workers and unions in the U.S. and other countries are supporting efforts to end child labor by forging alliances with unions in other countries. Historically and in today’s global economy: strong unions are an important protection against child labor ,when parents are able to improve conditions through effective unions, children are much less likely to have to work ,and active struggles against child labor tend to strengthen unions and workers’ rights in general.

In conclusion there aren’t many child labor issues in America they are mainly in South America, Asia, China, and India. I have learned a lot about child labor throughout this research.


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