Chevron in Africa

* American multinational energy & Oil Corporation headquartered in San Ramon, CA, USA. * Operations in more than 180 countries. It is in the fields of oil, gas and geothermal sectors, including exploration, production, refining and transport. * Rank 3 in Global Fortune 500.

Angola* One of the country’s top oil producers.* 1) Oil production and exploration.* Billion dollar investments in oil & energy, agriculture & fishing, health, education. Nigeria* 3rd largest oil producer in Nigeria.* 1)Oil exploration & production 2)Natural Gas* Very active in supporting social projectsSouth Africa :* Leading refiner of oil in SA* 1) Oil production & refining. 2) Lubricants* Social investments in education, health & environment. Chad:* Oil production & exploration* Involved in 2 major projects.Liberia:* Oil Exploration* Involved in socio-economic projects.Congo, Zaire, Namibia$25 billion in Africa in the last 5 years.

* Employs 15000 people in total all over Africa including the contractors. * Approximately 35% of the employees are contract-based.Each yeah 750-800 African expatriate employees are sent worldwide Chevron Nigeria Chevron Nigeria daily production – 516,000 barrels of crude oil (232,000 net), 343 million cubic feet of natural gas (142 million net) and 11,000 barrels of liquefied petroleum gas (4,000 net). 40% interest total joint ventures in 13 concessions with the government controlled Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Total assets ( Land + off-shore) is 2.2million acres.

Employees : 3100. Contract based : 3500.Onshore/ Near Offshore : Chevron’s first operations in this region. A new pipe line has been laid to transport Natural gas from Abiteye to Escravos in 2012. Latest major project Olero Creek flow station which started in 2011. (Expected completion – 2013) More exploration and facility upgradation work planned.

Deep Water: Chevron Nigeria Ltd. has 18-100% interest in 10 deepwater fields across Nigeria. Biggest field is that of Agbami which lies 70 miles off the coast of Niger Delta region. Chevron interest – 67.3%. A new $1.9 billion crude oil production facility is expected to go under way to stimulate the recent decline in production. Other non-operating interest in projects like Usan project.

New projects of Aparo & Bongo fields are in the designing phase Natural gas: major projects – Escravos gas plant (EGP), Escravos gas-to-liquid (EGTL) (under construction), and Sonam field. Major revenue from EGP – 40% interest. A new development * upgradation plan in underway in EGP in collaboration with NNPC which will cost $2.4 billion and expected to be completed in 2016. EGTL project to cost $ 8.4 billion which will deliver 33,000 barrels a day. The project is in its final phase of construction.

Chevron’s interest – 75%. Other than these Chevron maintains a 40% interest in 6 other fields which are known collectively as onshore fields. Also, it is the largest stake holder (36.7%) in the Western Africa gas pipeline company ltd. which supplies natural gas through the 421 mile pipeline to countries of Benin, Ghana and Togo. CSR :

Fight against AID/HIV. Donated $ 5 million for the drive to find a solution for AIDS and sponsored programs to raise awareness. Supports public health services. Establish ‘Riverboat Clinic’ to provide mobile health clinic to people. Environment conservation : made a sanctuary for preservation of flora and fauna

Chevron AngolaChevron Angola daily production 543,000 barrels/day. Approximately 28%Interest in 4 concessions in Angola and Angola LNG ( liquefied natural gas). Its largest projects are the Benguela Belize–Lobito Tomboco platform, the Tombua–Landana development, and the Mafumeira Norte project. LNG project is installed in the city of Soyo. Congo River Canyon Crossing Pipeline

Chevron holds a 38.1 percent interest in a proposed pipeline designed to transport a maximum of 250 million cubic feet per day of natural gas. Project completion expected in the end of 2013. Angola LNG project is its 5.2 million-metric-ton-per-year LNG plant. The $10 billion plant in Soyo is designed to process 1.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day with expected average total daily sales of 670 million cubic feet of regasified LNG. Chevron’s interest is 36.4%. CSR:

Chevron has supplied $180 million in Angola for the development of education, public health, environmental and social causes. Supported the healthcare program for women and children Promotes primary education for children, organizes quiz competitions for underprivileged Promotes use for sustainable agricultural facilities by offering training and mentoring.

Chevron LiberiaChevron Liberia Ltd. holds interests in 3 deepwater fields. Holds 45% interest in these fields located from 15 to 110 miles off the sea-shore. Total area covered – 3700 sq kms. First deepwater explorers in Liberia.

Chevron ChadChevron holds a 25 percent nonoperated working interest in crude oil production in the Doba fields in southern Chad. Total avg. production of 115,000 barrels (25,000 net). First production started in 2003. Holds approximately 21% interest in the Cameroon company that owns the underground pipeline that runs between Chad and Cameroon covering 665 miles. The pipeline has a capacity of about 225,000 barrels per day.

CSR:Supports health and education services for its project employees. HIV,Cholera and Malaria prevention programs.

Chevron South AfricaEstb. 1911. 800 stations. 110,000 barrels/day. Along with oil and oil products, it also produces lubricants. Cape Town is home to a sizable supply and trading team. The unit manages Chevron’s supply, maximizing our crude oil revenues while reducing the cost of raw materials and transportation in South Africa. CSR:

Supports pre-school and secondary education. Sponsors inter school competitions to enhance participation from students. Provides home care centres for disease affected people like people suffering from cancer, HIV-AIDS, etc.