CFauser Week 4 Paper MADD

MADD was created by a mother who had a daughter whom she loved, who was killed by a drunk driver. MADD stands for Mothers against Drunk Drivers and was incorporated on September 5, 1980. This association that was created is the USA’s largest nonprofit association to this very day, 3 decades later. The goal of this program is to inform others of the things that can happen from underage drinking as well as drinking and driving.

The problem that lead to the creation of MADD was simply and blunt- innocent people, young and old are killed by drunk drivers on a daily basis and nothing major was being done about it. Was it wrong? Of course it is. But was there anyone out there informing others of their personal story to this degree? No, there wasn’t until this was created. This problem is definitely, without a doubt, a major social problem. When an innocent person is killed by a drunk driver, many people are affected. Not only is the direct family affected, but the police officers, medical staff, friends, distant family and even people who never knew them personally. Everyone can relate to this being a situation that can happen to anyone.

No one is safe from other people choosing to make a bad decision and harming someone else by drinking and driving. Who else is affected? The person who killed them. Many times, the person who was drinking doesn’t die in these accidents. They get to survive, take their consequences and go back to their life at times, one day after serving their time. But the family, friends, coworkers, teachers, etc. – are always going to have this loss. This means that this is a major social problem because it affects so much more than just the person who chose to drink and drive.

As a result of the creation of MADD- there have been many different policies and laws that have been put into place in order to help protect people from drunk drivers. In the year 1980, there was a bill enacted to give states federal highway funds for anti-drunk driving efforts. By the year 1983, 129 new anti-drunk driving laws were passed by the year end. The national office of MADD also moved to Texas in 1983. In the year 1984, the federal 21 minimum drinking age act was singled into law. In the year 1986, the victim assistance institution was especlished as well as the project red ribbon was launched.

In 1990, the organization had a brief with the US Supreme Court in order to help establish sobriety checkpoints as being constitutional and should be out there. In 1991 MADD helped to establish the Intermodal Surface Transportation Act. By the year 1994- the alcohol-related deaths dropped to a 30 year all-time low. In 1995, the federal zero tolerance law was passed by congress. In 1998, the zero tolerance legislation was passed in every single state in the USA! In the year 2000, the .

80 BAC measure was signed into law, with the help of MADD. MADD did hit some speed bumps along the way of creating all of these different policies. There were challenges financially, politically and socially throughout their entire process of getting started and throughout the entire process. Some people were trying to say that MADD wasn’t doing this for the right reason, whenever they truly just didn’t want this to happen to any other family again- if that was possible. MADD always has stood up and stated that their mission was to help those get informed so that this wasn’t an issue another family was going to have to deal with one day.

The effects of these social policies are seen all over the USA now and have to be understood in order to even be able to drive in the USA. In order for MADD to keep taking strides and making changes in the world- they have to have people out there to spread the word, and more importantly- be an example of what MADD stands for. No underage drinking should ever be going on, and you should never get behind the wheel if you have been drinking.

You have to do the responsible thing. I feel that MADD did a courageous thing, and turned their tragedy into something amazingly beautiful. I personally have been affected by drunk driving, 2 of my very good friends in high school were both killed by drunk drivers and I feel that this could have been changed if people listened more and were made more aware. Some people however, feel that these kinds of things will never happen to them, but they are wrong. This can happen to anyone and everyone. It’s important to know and understand how drinking and driving can change your entire life and even end it- as well as other peoples. References http://www. madd. org/underage-drinking/why21/.