Cause and Effect

?There is no doubt that education is essential to people’s lives. Having a good educational background is an important factor to get a good job and to work effectively. However, one of the sadest issues in today’s society is the college dropout rate in many college or university remains very high. There are many reasons for that matter, but they all come down to these: poor academic performance, financial problem and troubles with the course. Firstly, the ability to study is the main element for learning effectively. Thus, poor academic performance is leading reason that makes students become quitters.

A lot of students who have been accepted to a college or university get over-confident. They may feel that they are already good students; as a result, they do not pay enough attention to their studies, which leads them to bad consequences they was not able to imagine. Besides, learning method in college or university is so different from that in high school, so obviously, those who don’t adapt to the new environment cannot achieve what they expect. Secondly, school fee and many other fees are a big problems for many students. In theory, from grade 1 to 12, students don’t have to pay for public education.

However, they have to do so for higher education. The problem is simple, many students don’t have enough money. Moreover, that the goverment is increasing the university and college fee makes the situation escalate. To pay for their education, students have to work many part-time jobs. Hence, they don’t have enough time for studying, also for relaxation. After about some months, they cannot keep pace with their classmates, and perhaps damage their health. Last but not least, problems with the course a student is taking can make him want to quit.

Perhaps while studying, he may find his major is not suitable for him, or he does not have enough passion. Moreover, there can be something wrong with the university or college’s regulation, or with classmates, teachers… These kinds of factors also leads to high dropout rate. In conclusion, lack of ability to study, financial issue and problems with courses causes the high college or university dropout rate. This situation is alarming due to its serious effects on the future society. Hence, the goverment and educationists have to find a realistic solution quickly.