Catering Industry

Overview| Long back, communicative integration was lacking in Indian subcontinent. People of different regions had very little contact. Regional diversity in terms of food, cloth, culture and lifestyle acted as a separating factor for the people of India, giving birth to regionalism. When it comes to food, Punjab was famous for its rich and mouth-watering delicacies. South Indian dishes were popular for their flavors. North East region was known for its huge variety of delicious cuisines.

Thanks to the widespread communication network across the country and the recent boom in catering and hotel industry in India, cuisines are no longer confined to their own regions but have overlapped and influenced each other. People living anywhere in our subcontinent can now have the scrumptious cuisines of any other region from the chain of restaurants flourishing all over the country. Over the last decade, the catering industry in India gradually gained its impulse with the establishment of numbers of hotel management and catering institutes, supply chains for foods and catering & hospitality recruitment agencies through out the country.

According to a recent estimate more than two million restaurants are now dominating the present scenario of Indian catering industry. With this the restaurant and catering service jobs have become very popular among the educated Indian youths. In recent time, the flourishing IT, ITES and real estate sector in India have contributed significantly in increasing the income level of the Indian middle-income class. Dining in restaurants on weekends and other holidays, with family members and friends, has become a very popular concept in urban India.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for new cuisines, the catering industry in India is becoming more prominent day by day. Family Style RestaurantFamily restaurants are very popular for their delectable, hygienic and affordable dishes. Their customer friendly service, excellent ambience and good quality foods have played the key role behind their success. The names and contact details of some popular family restaurants in India are given below: -Nirula’s Delhi Central Gole Market, New Delhi

12 Rajindra Bhawan, Rajindra Place, New Delhi Call: +91-11-23363601/ 23366902/ 55357503 Call: +91-11-25767444/ 25762111 / 55489367Aaheli Peerless Inn, 12 Jawaharlal Nehru Road Kolkata # 2228-0301/2. Adarsh Family Restaurant Address: Janta Market, Kannamwar Nagar, Vikhroli (E) Shop # 64, 1/1, Tagore Nagar, Mumbai 400083 Phone: 25777667, 55769060Marry Brown Family Restaurant Address: No. 11, Nehru Stadium Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641 018 Phone: 0422 – 2304444 Fax: 0422 – 2304433 Email: [email protected]

comMcDonald’s Supply ChainIndia is one of the emerging super powers of the world with huge population. Considering the rapidly growing income level and improved living standard of the middle-income group, global brands in catering industry have been trying to take the advantage of the huge Indian market for quite some time. The outlets of McDonald’s in some Indian metropolis are running very successfully. The operation of McDonald’s in Indian market turns out to be highly beneficial for its Indian suppliers.

With the expansion of McDonald’s operation in India, the Indian catering industry gets exposure to the advanced agricultural techniques prevalent in the developed nations of the world and also to the latest technologies of food processing and preservation. After the massive success of the food chains like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut in India territory, next restaurant chain, which is planning to extend its operation in India market, is ‘Hooters of America’.

This world famous brand is in the process of selecting the cities where its outlets will be opened within couple of years. | Catering Industry In India INTRODUCTION Catering definition This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing single event-based food services. These establishments generally have equipment and vehicles to transport meals and snacks to events and/or prepare food at an off-premise site. Banquet halls with catering staff are included in this industry.

Examples of events catered by establishments in this industry are graduation parties, wedding receptions, business or retirement luncheons, and trade shows. Restaurant or Foodservice definition Organizations in the Food Services and Drinking Places prepare meals, snacks, and beverages to customer order for immediate on-premises and off-premises consumption. Some provide food and drink only; while others provide various combinations of seating space, waiter/waitress services and incidental amenities, such as limited entertainment.

The organizations are grouped based on the type and level of services provided. The industry groups are full-service restaurants; limited-service eating places; special food services, such as food service contractors, caterers, and mobile food services; and drinking places. Catering is not only about appealing to the taste buds of the individual but also to all the other five senses of a human being. With the right atmosphere, it is possible to appeal to all of these senses making the occasion unforgettable.

Of course, beautifully prepared food can alone do this, but now days, caterers want to reach out to the customers in all possible ways and bowl them over. • The venue • The menu • The decor These are certain areas, which the caterers aim to cover for an all round, win. . Whatever may be the occasion; a bachelor’s party or the annual meeting of a corporate; deeply satisfying the guests are the sole aim. Catering seems pretty straightforward and simple: You cook some food and serve it, right? That is the basic idea, but there’s more to it. A whole lot more. •…