Cases of crime

Justice is majorly determined by the ruling of the cases of crime and the guilty getting punished for it. On the other hand, if someone is wrongly convicted, things could go the other way round. There are various ways that a criminal justice system can ensure that justice is being attained at all costs in the process. Just because a professional in criminal justice was trained in the field is not enough to ensure justice prevail where he/she is in charge. Many cases will involve a bad policeman, a very strict judge and so on.

Due to this, a complete criminal justice system should include a mechanism to gauge the services offered by these professionals and provide standardized solutions to problems that may occur as a result of unjust rulings or arrests. This section of the system can be formed by the public defender offices in the structural layout of the system. In order for justice to prevail, the various structural departments and divisions of criminal justice system will have to be well coordinated because of their high interdependence (BJA, 2000).

It is important to identify how the departments interlace in planning, coordination, and structured discretion, but also to appreciate the complex ways in which different parts of the system interact with each other. Some sections of the criminal justice system deal with very different sections of the society and therefore require having a unique way of carrying out operations. An example of this is the difference between the adult, the juvenile and the military justice systems (Frase).

They all deal with crime but of nature unique to each other. Dynamism The structure of criminal justice systems in the world has been changing in an evolution following the change of culture, economies and political ideals. For example, long time ago, the main form of punishment was exile. Well, that punishment is no more, and event the payment to the victim is considered only in some cases where business or economic loss is involved as a means of compensation and not paying for capital crimes as it was in the middle ages.

Therefore, for the system to be fitting the current society, government models and economic times, it will have to be dynamic and allow for changes where necessary. The success of the system can therefore be gauged partly as its ability to evolve with time, adjusting to the society’s atmosphere. Many social conventions and moral values have changed with time leading to acceptance of some values that were initially perceived as wrong being allowed in the society.

An example is the way the institution of marriage has been turned into a legalized endeavor that can be terminated just like a business contract. This changed the way people looked at and engaged in marriage affairs. It therefore demanded a change in the legal system to allow for the legal separation of the parties. The applicability of the criminal justice system deeply depends on the social-political views of the society. If the society is bound to change in these ideologies, the system should accommodate for them to remain sound and useful.