Wyman v. James

PETITIONER:George K. Wyman, Commissioner of the State of New York Department of Social Services
RESPONDENT:Barbara James et al.
LOCATION:Barbara James’ apartment

DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1970-1971)

CITATION: 400 US 309 (1971)
ARGUED: Oct 20, 1970
DECIDED: Jan 12, 1971

Facts of the case

Barbara James and her son Maurice resided in the Bronx, located in New York City. After his child’s birth, Barbara James submitted the application to receive financial aid in accordance to New York State’s Aid to Families with Dependent Children program (AFDC). James was granted the permit to obtain financial support after a caseworker performed visit to her apartment. After two years ago, James received the notifications about the new scheduled visitation by a caseworker. This new observance was imposed by New York State regulations and could change the decision on the payout of financial aid accordingly to AFDC. She declined the scheduled visit. During the procedural hearing, she supported her position, and in the result, her AFDC financial aid was ceased by New York State decision.