Case Study. Employees

I do not think that Fred made the best decision that he could have.  I feel that Fred should have followed up with finding out more information on all of the trainings.  I also feel that the management team and the owner should have had the opportunity to be included in the training as well as the employees.   I think that if I were to be the manager in this situation that I would have worked harder to find a training that could incorporate all of the staff and not just the employees.

Fred should have been willing to call and follow up with all of the trainings.  If I were Fred I would have asked to have materials from each of the trainings sent to me and I would have worked to be able to include not only the employees in the training but the management team and the owner if he wanted to come.

With the training that was chosen Fred did not have the ability to include the management team and I feel that this could have been a disadvantage on his part.  I also believe that if Fred had at least spoken with each of the trainings that he would have been more informed overall as opposed to basing his decision on the brochures that he had received.  Fred could have also taken the information to the management team/owner to get input when he had his final choices as this would have helped to develop the team philosophy in the store.

I think that training would only be as successful as those who were in the training.  Since the management team is not getting the training, I feel that this would be the deficit and that the management team might have a hard time with managing and enforcing ideas that they had not been trained to do so.  I also feel that the employees would then be in a position to not have as much respect for the managers and that the management team would not have the leadership and guidance that they should when it came to these situations.

I do agree that there could be some level of success but I don’t think that this level would be the same as if the management team were on board.   I also feel that there would only be minimal gains from not having the management team trained and that these gains could quickly diminish as there would not be the level of supervision and follow through that would truly be needed.