Slaughter-House Cases

LOCATION:Former Louisiana State Capitol Building

DECIDED BY: Chase Court (1873)
LOWER COURT: Louisiana Supreme Court

ARGUED: Jan 11, 1872
REARGUED: Feb 03, 1873 / Feb 04, 1873 / Feb 05, 1873
DECIDED: Apr 14, 1873

John A. Campbell – for the plaintiffs in error
J. S. Black – for the defendants in error
J. Q. A. Fellows – for the plaintiffs in error
M. H. Carpenter – for the defendants in error
T. J. Durant – for the State of Louisiana

Facts of the case

Louisiana had created a partial monopoly of the slaughtering business and gave it to one company. Competitors argued that this created “involuntary servitude,” abridged “privileges and immunities,” denied “equal protection of the laws,” and deprived them of “liberty and property without due process of law.”


Did the creation of the monopoly violate the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments?