Ricketts v. Adamson

LOCATION:Louisiana General Assembly

DOCKET NO.: 86-6
DECIDED BY: Rehnquist Court (1986-1987)
LOWER COURT: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

CITATION: 483 US 1 (1987)
ARGUED: Apr 01, 1987
DECIDED: Jun 22, 1987

Roy T. Englert, Jr. – as amicus curiae, supporting Petitioners
Roy T. Englert, Jr. – for U.S. as amicus curiae supporting petitioners, by special leave of Court
Timothy K. Ford – on behalf of the Respondent
William J. Schafer, III – on behalf of the Petitioners

Facts of the case

Adamson was charged with the murder of first-degree resulted in the Donald Bolles car bombardment. He concluded the plea agreement to decrease the punishment of the crime committing to the second-degree assassination for his obligation to give testimonies against Max Dunlap and James Robinson. The defendant agreed to give testimonies against somebody suspected in assassination under the request. The agreement indicated if he declined the demand or gave false testimonies, the primary indictment of the crime would be imposed.