Pernell v. Southall Realty

RESPONDENT:Southall Realty
LOCATION:Cleveland Board of Education

DOCKET NO.: 72-6041
DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1972-1975)
LOWER COURT: District of Columbia Court of Appeals

CITATION: 416 US 363 (1974)
ARGUED: Feb 19, 1974
DECIDED: Apr 24, 1974

Herman Miller – for respondent
Norman C. Barnett – for petitioner

Facts of the case

The case study focuses on the issue that was introduced in the State Trial Court in the District of Columbia. The ruling of the case of Pernell v. Southall Realty had been issued on April 24, 1974, informing that the situation had to be changed and remanded, based on the Seventh Amendment. The final judgment was left to the legislative authority for a special judicial analysis at the federal level. As a result, the incident was viewed liberal by nature, and it was solved by the opinion of the judges that was discussed orally. Basically, the issue had been reviewed on February 19, 1974. Since it originally came from the District of Columbia State Trial Court, it was later analyzed in Supreme Court in the District of Columbia before it finally reached the U.S. Supreme Court.