Oregon v. Mitchell

PETITIONER:Oregon, et al.
RESPONDENT:John Mitchell, Attorney General of the United States
LOCATION: United States Capitol Building

DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1970-1971)

CITATION: 400 US 112 (1970)
ARGUED: Oct 19, 1970
DECIDED: Dec 21, 1970

Charles Wright, Jr. – for the petitioners, for Texas
Erwin N. Griswold – for the respondents
Gary K. Nelson – for the petitioners, for Arizona
Lee Johnson – for the petitioners, for Oregon
Robert M. Robson – for the petitioners, for Idaho

Facts of the case

In 1970 the USA Congress approved the Voting Rights Act Amendments that established the list requirements for all states regarding the voting procedure, the main belong them was to make a list of citizens in the age of 18 and 21 years for their registration as voters. After that, the states of Oregon, Texas and Idaho brought the claim to the Supreme Court regarding the provisions of this legislative document. Under the case, brief John Mitchell in his role as United States Attorney General was authorized as respondent.