Ohio v. Gallagher

LOCATION:Detroit Police Headquarters

DOCKET NO.: 74-492
DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1975-1981)
LOWER COURT: Ohio Supreme Court

CITATION: 425 US 257 (1976)
ARGUED: Dec 02, 1975
DECIDED: Apr 05, 1976

Herbert M. Jacobson
Jack T. Schwarz

Facts of the case


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Audio Transcription for Oral Argument – December 02, 1975 in Ohio v. Gallagher

Audio Transcription for Opinion Announcement – April 05, 1976 in Ohio v. Gallagher

Warren E. Burger:

I have the disposition to announce in 74-492, Ohio against Gallagher and for reasons stated in an opinion for the Court, filed with the clerk this morning, the judgment of the Supreme Court of Ohio is vacated and the case is remanded to permit that court to clarify whether or not its judgment relies on federal law.

Mr. Justice Stewart, with whom Mr. Justice Marshall and Justice Blackmun joined, filed a dissenting opinion.

Mr. Justice Stevens took no part in the consideration or disposition of the case.